Show us your Bike Caves...


I have just moved into a new place up here in Rockvegas and am in the process of setting up the Bike Cave…

I know there are a couple of others out the in this same process but I would like to see some of your Bike Caves/ Sheds.

I was going to continue the previous thread but as mentioned it got a little derailed.

So here is the begining of mine… still unpacking…

oh this is gonna be so good

would fucking kill for that space

Good work Dubrat!

This is my office, aka the dude room, aka the amp cave:

Actual garage:

Honorable mention goes to the mezzanine in Emily’s office:

My old Bike Cave.

The new one is a work in progress, but it will be better.

What is this “garage” you talk about?

It is the place you store bikes in…

Previous apartment cage…

Spare room cage at apartment before that.

FKNLOL @ Erle!!

Suddenly I don’t feel too bad about my waning level of parts!

I used to be able to park my car in mine, even with all the bikes. Now it’s just a gnarly mess. I am about to move and am starting to worry about finding a place with a decent cave space

Work in progress …

^ i would like to go to there.

Mines a built-in-robe - my next move will definitely feature a ‘man-cave’ in the search criteria. Spirito’s looks more like an Aladdins Cave.

What are those frames?

Ask Erle … his “eBay outings” are probably responsible for at least half of them :slight_smile:

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I’ll claim what you no longer need.

My cave. It has recently received an iMac which I have turned into a media server for the rest of the house. It also has a bunch of spin training movies on it as well as a bunch of TRX workouts for my TRX. So the cave is also my gym… my media centre and bike shed and where I practice puck handling for Ice Hockey. It is a bit messy at the moment.