Shred the Nar . MGG #12 . Sat June 28.

Starts at Officer Station.

Rego from 9am, start at 9.30.

7.48am Flinders train arrives at Officer at 8.52am, no changes.

85kms, 2 stops, first 35kms all flat to Nar Nar Goon, ~ 25kms of relatively easy climbing to Gembrook and then another ~25kms mostly downhill back to Officer.

Doable on a roady with 28mm I reckon, though of course a CX is best. No single track this time.

more details:


Ohhhhhh yeah.

<waits for the complaints about ‘whyyyy is it on a saturdayyyy?’>

It’ll be a nice contrast from the ‘whyyy are they never on a saturdayyyy?’

And Dubrat books flights for 9:00 ohhhhhhhh

9:30 arrival unfort… Shit

Stink buzz

I put gears on my mtb for a reason!
Book it in!!

Hmmm. I’ve gotta work until 1pm. How do you think I’d go doing the ride in a Hyundai Elantra. There’s no singletrack right? I think it’s running 15x185s.

You’ll crush it.

this Saturday people.

Course has been bumped out to 88kms (~900m climbing), to avoid a stream which is now too high to cross.

Also, there is nothing at Officer station (no toilets, no food, not even a coke machine) so stock up at Flinders or else its a 1.5km ride to a servo.

See you there.

People in town for the Roobaix are all over this, right? Cos they oughta be.

Canberra peeps are repping. Anybody going to ride out from the city?

I’m in for this, and pretty keen.

Just a question from a Canberra tourist - so I can get on the train with my bike no problem? Anything to do, ask for an authorization or pay an extra for the bike?

Also I’ll be staying in South Melbourne, what’s the best station to go to to get on the train from South Melbourne? I see that I can go Flinders, South Yarra, Toorak stations. Any recommendation given I’ll ride from South Melbourne to the station?

*EDIT: just looked at the regulation re bikes on trains, so I know everything I need to know regarding bikes on trains

Also found this on the metro train site, which doesn’t sound : Pakenham | Metro Trains

[i]28 June 2014

While essential signalling upgrades take place, buses will replace all trains between Westall and Dandenong, after 8:45pm.

Please note that this may increase your journey by up to 30 minutes.

To check the location of the train replacement bus stops, click here.

Please note in accordance with the Victorian Fares & Ticketing Manual 2014, bicycles, surfboards and dogs are not permitted to travel on buses. An exception exists for guide dogs, hearing guide dogs, guide dogs in training, animals identified by an Assistance Animal Pass and small animals if they are suitably contained.

For full details of the replacement bus service contact PTV on 1800 800 007.[/i]

Na, melbourne is quite big ;).

Its ~60kms to the station the shortest way and ~65kms if you want something a little bike friendly.

in saying that there are always a few who do the commute stage pre ride.

You had me worried for a second, but that is after 8.45pm at night, so the original train time of 7.48am from Flinders street is correct.

I’ll be getting on at Flinders, I’ll either have my rawland with a front rack or my Ti CX bike.

Generally get on the train at the 1st or last carriage (but the train should be pretty quiet so you can jumo on wherevere), no extra fee for taking a bike, but you will need a myki -$6 for the card and it should be ~$6.70 for the days travel, you can buy a myki from the Flinders or Sthern Cross stations in town and some milk bars etc.

and I’d just ride to Flinders probably rather than worrying about connecting trains from Sth Yarra.

phew. 8:45 PM. I’ll never be familiar with this am/pm thing. Sorry if I got you worried unnecessarily.

And cheers for the other recommendations. I’ll ride to Flinders, and I think I can borrow a myki card for the day.

Hi guys, I will be doing my first gravel ride this weekend with my cx/commuter. For this route would it be more appropriate to ride on my 700x33C Jack Brown slick or some CX knobbies?

I’m in for this too, stoked x max

I’d go knobbies to be safe.