Simes Bosomworth

This is the new ride, very pleased with how it built up.

57cm Bosomworth thanks to TC, hope you guys enjoy.

very tidy indeed, I really like those rims rims as well, nice bike Sime!

I like your choice of saddle.
Whats the build of?
Cranks/hubs etc?

Sorry, heres the run down.

57cm Bosomworth frame, suntour track dropouts
SR stem high polished
Nitto 123AA deep drop trackbars
Sugino 75 cranks, sandblasted the anodising off and high polished
Superbe 52t chainwheel
Suntour GPX pedals
MKS toeclips
Soma leather straps
KMC SuperLite 1/8 gold chain (hollow pins, cutouts in plates)
Shimano 600 seatpost polished
San Marco Rolls due saddle
Generic chrome fork (looking to get a chrome trackfork… anyone?)
Miche Primato pista hubset, polished up in the lathe
DT aerolite spokes (c**nts to build)
DT alloy spoke nipples in gold
Araya Super Aero rims 28h (radial front, 3 cross rear)
Dura ace 16t cog
Miche lockring
Vittoria Rubino Pro rubber
Michelin Aircomp Ultra Light tubes

52/16 is a pretty huge gear for road.

who said it was for the road? :wink:

How tall are you?
Thats a long stem!!

Well I wouldn’t want to be riding with you on the track without bar tape! :evil:
Kidding, nice bike. I like the idea of polishing up a set of Sugino 75’s- was that a very involved process?

I wouldn’t bother to mention what gear was on the track bike as I have three rings and three cogs and ditto on the lack of bar tape, not sure you would get that past the commissere!

haha yeah, there is tape on there now, just not at the time of the pics.
and the stem is very long, I think these days I’m about 6’1’’ it doesnt feel uncomfortable although I’m in the process of machining up an expansion cone for my dura ace stem and then with that it’ll be about 20mm less reach.

I guess i was was just itching to get some pics and show you guys! haha.

As for the 75’s, I sandblasted them to remove the silver anodising, then i sanded them with 440 and then 1200 wet and dry using kerosene, then i polished them up on the wheel, came up a treat!

Could we have a close up please.
Reflections and all… :wink:

These days all you get is ‘advice’ about what you fucked up :slight_smile:

well those pics I posted are with my phone, and I purposely didnt put up any closeup shots cause well, basically they sucked haha,

Once i get my hands on a better camera i’ll update guys!

Finally! Very nice indeed Simon.

Nice clean build Sime. Bring it down to Hobart sometime so we can go for a spin, haha.

you should bring your bike when you guys are playing shows over here!

Ha, it would be nice, but I think we’re going to struggle enough already with two 30kg amps, two guitar cases, cymbals, drum stuff, backpacks, and a couple of suitcases between three people.

Definitely keen though. Damn those logistics!

Sime, your bike definitely looks amazing in the flesh(steel?).

So… I had a stack a little while ago, a little bike vs car thing.

It put my back wheel into the shape of a dorito, and bent my forks back a little.

so this bike has been out of order for a while, finally i was able to scrape together the money and time to rebuild the back wheel with a new rim and get some new forks, i ended up getting some kenevans forks from Dan, izumi chain, roselli rear cog, a new tange headset and put in an old 3ttt stem and some nitto 127’s

here is a cameraphone pic i took the other day.
feels good to have this one rolling again.

great to see this one running again, looks awsome!