Skid rubber?

What do you use when you want to get the back wheel a bit loose? I’ve got a Maxxis re-fuse, anyone used em before?

Soma Everwear

Buy a new bike.

The cheapest set you can find (without going to Kmart or something), you’ll go through em way to fast to be to fussy!

Those detonators are cheap but crap - they asplode. There is a thread here somewhere with a lot of opinions on them.,4764.0.html

They are cheap and come in lots of colours.

Yeah I read that thread, so many asplosions :roll:

I’m pretty much trying to find something with a hard as rock compound that’s cheap and easy to get hold of… not asking too much am I :?


Hard as a rock

they slip on dry days

Which Kenda? they’ve got decent rubber to don’t they?

Kenda Koncept 700x23c, Kevlar (allegedly)

Cheers. I’ll sus it out.

sorry but ill have to go against the trend here and say i liked the detonator i just had on, lasted a decent amount of time/skids, and no “asplosions”… :roll: