Small Backpack - Name Voting Competition

Back to back competitions? What is going on. I must be feeling nice.

We’ve been working on a new smaller version of our super popular Spare Camel. More details about this small pack can be found over here.

Anyway I’m having a hard time coming up with a name for it. Could you vote for your favourite name? In return I’ll enter you in the draw to win one from the first batch. Vote for your favourite name here

Good luck!

  • Dave

Should of called it ‘Spare calf’ :wink:

“Cheeky Wee Hump” :wink:

*i’ve been hanging with scottish people this week

i’ve been calling it the Alpaca in my emails with Dave.

A male camel is also called a bull (and can be just as mean as their better-known bovine counterparts) so I went with BullPup. (Cool shark story, though!).

use it in a sentence.

Rolly had a great day shredding the pow pow and after some rainiers at the bar had a cheeky wee hump in the back of his truck.

in keeping with the FOA mantra…Call it “Sorry, this bag is closed”

Then maybe have a special security feature which allows only certain people to continue to put items in it.

marijuana llama

i voted twice LOLS

Rolly had a great day shredding the pow pow and after too many beers forgot all about the Cheeky Wee Hump he had in the corner.

So many lols in this thread. Getting some joy from it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Actually one of my mates wanted me to call it the little 'Ho:

Hey Rangdog. Do you have any idea how much your going to charge for the new ‘Bullpup’? I just need to know in case I win one and have to offload it on eBay as an unwanted prize:wink:

Very simple… call it “DUDE”

Urban Dictionary: dude

Dude: Originally the term for a camel’s penis!


Dirty Drom sounds like an MSR water sac that you havent cleaned in way too long and now you are dirtying your pants and thongs on the way to the loo.
So I vote babycamel

Oh, and I had a pair of duffs that had cartoons of “The dude” sketched all over em. You’ve just answered my question of why he was shaped the way he was :slight_smile:

Post of the day.

Grumpy Hump.

syn drom

finally got a chance to watch the vid and man this looks so so perfect for my commutes!!

who won?!?!?!

Thanks for the prompt Jaseyjase! :slight_smile:

Lucky winner was Margarita from VIC. She chose a black/black version.

And the most popular name was BullPup. It actually was quite close there for a while. Full results up here, including pie-chart goodness.

And you can grab a pre-order BullPup over at the website.

THANK YOU everyone who voted or commented. I certainly got a massive kick out of it all! Cheers! :smiley:

How many redcans will it fit Dave?

We can test at Polo nats.