Small Clamont Tourer built by Hillbrick $350

Custom Built Clamont Touring Bike Built by Paul Hillbrick | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Parramatta Area - South Granville | 1036391808

Someone buy this so I don’t.

Bottom bracket looks pretty tall… That’s a lady cx machine waiting! Local I’d buy for sure.

Far out!

As always, sent to a friend (though this one is tardy and never fucking calls them so misses out on every rad deal.)

Do it for her. Fucking rad deals to be had!

Asked if I could come pick up Saturday morning. Got this in reply:

‘Yes but there are others looking ok.’

ask to paypal them a deposit. you are covered then if he pulls a dick move.

I reckon he may be old and wont do paypal, have tee’d up a time for this now, if it goes it goes.

First to the post with the cash wins. Alls fair in love and eBay.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you get burnt.

Played this one well with two phone numbers.

Teed up a time tomorrow morning from my phone.

Then undercut myself and teed up tonight with my friends phone.

I know its ‘all fair’ to do so, but it’s a bit of a dick move when the item is in Granville, not exactly the centre of Sydney.

Was it just a strange moment in time when a builder would say “touring bike, with internal cable routing, good” or is there a good reason for it?

Pre-empting a Di2 touring groupo?

Bagged it for $300.

Dude, in reality, was a fucking champion.

60-odd old, still races, brilliant garage full of treasures, knows the Bundys. Had a blast at his house - also has a never ridden Apollo Record track frameset with some nice track parts on it for $800. I may chase it up - not amazing considering the current Apollo Records '13 models with omniums are 800 reduced at the moment.

But yeah, totally rad guy, glad I went out there. Gave us $50 off cos he like me and my friend as we talked bike shit for an hour in his garage.

Bike is also very nice. Full on tourer complete with under DT bottle bosses.

Phwoar! Good results.

Top work Droz. I love that there are all these dudes out there that don’t really internet at all.

Nice one droz. Glad it’s in the wider FOA family, seriously considered buying this. So nice.

He is one swtiched on/youthful 60 year old. Was saying he was going to go down to Lidcombe velodrome if I didnt’t come, and that he was racing today.

Had a tonne of US made roadies, all of his daughters/grandaughters bikes (which were adult sized). Shed of wonderness.

He uses the internet to buy all his parts, etc, too. Top bloke.

Name names.