so how about that rawland ravn?

make the evolutionary leap to 559er (that’s 26" to everybody else):


After seven production models and ten prototypes over the past eight years, Rawland has made an evolutionary leap with our latest model, the new Ravn, a convergence of everything we’ve learned cycling off the beaten path for decades and countless miles, as well as researching, developing, and refining concepts for thousands of hours. Coming this summer as a complete bike with SRAM Rival 22 components, the Ravn is the first in an entirely new category we call All-Road Enduro, with a focus on high speed, high performance, and comfort over long distances on mixed terrain. The frameset and wheel-tire combo have been painstakingly designed for maximum “float” over rough stuff like gravel, fire roads, and singletrack, without compromising performance on pavement. The Ravn features low-trail geometry, intuitive handling, and a high-performance Reynolds 853 ProTeam tubeset exclusive to, and developed for, Rawland Cycles, with a first-ever tube gauge profile of .08/.04/.08, for incredible responsiveness and energy return, ultralight strength, and an incomparably lively feel. This performance-tuned frameset, combined with 26-inch wheels running supple 55mm Compass Rat Trap Pass tires, makes riders feel like they’re pedaling a perpetual-motion machine.



• Reynolds 853 ProTeam tubes drawn exclusively for Rawland
• Gauge profile of .08/.04/.08 for top and down tubes
• Standard-diameter, heat-treated, air-hardened tubing
• First-ever .08/.04/.08 gauge profile
• 559 ISO / 26-inch wheel size*
• Set for 670mm-effective-diameter tires (i.e., 55mm)
• Clearance for 60mm fenders
• 20mm fender gap ideal for safety and aesthetics
• Traditional segmented fork with triple-butted blades
• Fork raked with very low, tight-radius bend
• 40mm trail for intuitive handling, optimized for front loads
• Tange hooded stainless-steel 12.5mm front dropouts
• Midpoint and low-rider rack bosses
• No toe overlap with fender and 20mm gap
• Hourglass low-rider bosses up front for reduced stress
• 43.5mm chainline (standard road double)
• Effective-length square geometry
• 5-degree top-tube slope
• 265mm bottom-bracket height
• 70mm bottom-bracket drop
• 440mm chainstay length
• 68mm English-thread bottom bracket
• 130mm rear spacing
• Cantilever brake bosses*
• 3 bottle-cage mounts, with underside set star-reinforced
• 1-inch head tube and steerer
• Tange hooded stainless-steel rear dropouts with removable derailleur hanger
• Full fender mounts; double equidistant mounts under fork crown to prevent fender rotation
• Down-tube shifter bosses
• Chain hanger on seatstay
• Ultra-protective ED coating throughout and wet paint with clear coat
• Rinko-compatible
• Five frame sizes: 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 60cm

for once i’m ahead of the curve and even ~$4,400 cheaper ;p

Lol, sweet $1000 90’s stumpjumper.

I like the term ‘all-road enduro’ doe

Also that photo does not apply… new version is more jackass - 130mm spacing, cantis and 1" threaded


So much wrong on one package - retro heinous.

Oh Sean…

I’m not reading that paragraph, look at that ugly headtube region!!!

More like snoreland

Wtf- 1 inch steerer… Why?
Im all for retro mtb, but 1 1/8 is significantly better

Fuuck, are they seriously trying to create a new ‘genre’ of bikes out of this turd?!

Is it a gravel bike?


It’s exciting to see that our idea of the Enduro Allroad Bike is generating so much interest and passion! Of course, it’s a new idea, and it’ll take a little while to sink in and make sense. Having ridden Alex Wetmore’s “Travel Gifford” (basically a road bike for wide 26" tires) with the prototypes for the Compass Rat Trap Pass tires, I am blown away by what this type of bike can do. It rides like a road bike, even on loose gravel. It’s truly amazing.

The “road bike” part is important in the spec. The Enduro Allroad Bike isn’t a mountain bike – even though the tires will transform the ride of many mountain bikes. It’s intended to combine the joys of a road bike with really wide tires. Part of the reason this hasn’t been done before is that it isn’t easy. Making a road bike for 54 mm tires is pushing the envelope. The biggest issue is fitting the tire between road cranks with a narrow tread/Q factor and maintaining the 43.5 mm chainline for great shifting. That is the main reason for the smaller wheel size – plus we want to preserve the nimble handling of a great low-trail 650B bike, and once your tires get too big, you have too much rotational inertia for that. (For mountain bikes with suspension, a little more stability at the expense of steering precision may be desirable, so bigger wheels may make sense, but not on a road bike.) As to the spec, just one example: Widening the rear spacing would increase the risk of heel strike on the chainstay. From what I have seen, the spec makes sense.

26 inch road bike does sound kinda cool though… sign me up!

Brb, cancelling NFE order.

Brb, cancelling Kumo order.

BRB, cancelling bikes

Smuglord you realise this is almost certainly your fault. Your presence and influence on the net is far reaching.

If they offered a normal vertical dropout, I’d buy one.

This is the stoopidest production bike I have seen in a long time. That HT, the horizontal TT, the wheel size… what a turd.

As for All-road Enduro, fooo …timed #CoffeeOutside sessions?