Soft shell jacket advice


Now that I am to be a father soon, I have been informed that any portion of the weekend I thought was my own has been revoked.

Have started riding more in the mornings before work but of course its freakin cold. I am in the market for a cycling jacket that will keep me warm in temp between 0 and 10 deg and keep the wind and a light shower out. I have a rain shell but it flaps around and it gets all sweaty inside so I’m looking for what I have discovered is known as a “soft shell”. I’m 198cm tall and 110kg so a jacket that’s long in the arms and body is necessary. Don’t mind spending up to $250

this is the sort of thing I have been looking at

Wiggle | Northwave Blade Thermal Jacket Cycling Windproof Jackets

Wiggle | Castelli Espresso Due Windproof Jacket Cycling Windproof Jackets

any advice?



I have a strong (fat) neck and have had problems before with garments being too constrictive around the neck. If it was me I would pick the north wave and get a 3 pack of these:-



Ive got a Pearl Izumi Elite barrier, maiden run this weekend. $70 from evans.

From advice on this forum, layers is the way to go to keep warm. Base layer, arm warmers etc. Peel off once the sun is out



Spend $25 more. You owe it to yourself. City Rain Jacket | Rapha

Torpedo7 have some good deals at the moment. The Biemme looks good.



where do you put them after that??? can only fit so many things in the jersey pockets ha ha!



Up your budget by a mere $100 and get a Mission Workshop Orion.

Apparel / Orion Waterproof Jacket || Mission Workshop

I dont know anything about these but they look vey nice. I reckon you’d cook in one though.



3 pockets - one pocket for warmers, one pocket for jacket, 3rd pocket can still retain your wallet/keys. i guess assuming you use an under the saddle bag to store tools/tube etc…i dont think youd need to take your base layer off! hahahah

Im actually more then happy to stay in the arm/leg warmers for most of the ride, by the time i get home the sun is up but its still about 10 degrees. So really only the jacket needs a pocket!



Yep. This happens.



I usually leave the house at 5:15am and 'Im at work before 8 so the sun and associated need to peel is not really an issue. I already have a rain jacket, looking for more of a breathable wind sheild, thermal jacket.

Last week I was layered up to the 9’s with a baselayer, Long jersey, short jersey and a wind vest it was ridiculous.



I wear one of these… bout $250 retail here?

Underneath I wear a macpac merino base layer 220tpi? maybe? Cotton bonds or similar t-shirt and a polar fleece neckwarmer. The difference in body temp with and without the neck warmer is huge. Sugoi knee warmers, and if it’s wet some fox shy shorts. Some troy lee XC gloves.

I’m comfy in melb on the couple of sub 5 degree mornings we have had this year apart from my hands. Have found wearing cheap jerseys/thermals under the jacket means I sweat up a storm inside it, but nice quality gear = comfort. The jacket is amazingly waterproof, I commute rain hail or shin.

If all your looking at doing is staying warm not dry, knee warmers and head to a camping store and get a neck warmer as posted above.



Yeh I have a couple of those neck warmer thingys they are awesome.



Speaking of neck warmer’s … I had one of these possum/wool hoop things from Rivendell when I lived in NYC. It saw a lot of mileage, was quite versatile (especially for my bald head) and was one of my favourite things to own. Somehow I lost it when moving back home and don’t really need one now but if you’re after something that looks/feels nice, on or off the bike then this is worth considering. P.s. chick’s dig 'em too

Possum Wool Neck Gaiter - 22288



How do you shear a Possum?



anyone have any experience with the creux softshell jacket?



Dunno, but maybe them Kiwi’s are saving their sheep for friendship?



Pro Team Jacket | Rapha

I have one of these … It totally rules!
Super nice to wear, I look forward to mornings cool enough to bust it out.

If you use this discount code RSDT2012 it meets your price point :wink: and some



I saw a guy with a Tweed softshell the other day. I was drooling, it was a stunning piece of kit. Want !!!

Buy Tweed softshell cycling jacket | Rapha



That discount code will work with both :wink:



$270 and it’s not water resistant, am I missing something here??



It’s a Softshell… It’s a bit water resistant…
It’s not a rain jacket though.