Soma Rush. opinions?

having snapped 2 track frames in 5 weeks, it’s time to look for a stronger alternative for my work bikes.
i’ve spoken to some of the messengers in the states and have heard good things about these
anyone on here ridden one? or had any experience on one.
i like the look of them, and they seem to have a decent reputation, but i’d rather not plunk down $750+ for a frame i don’t know.
any other suggestions?
i’m looking for a good tight rear geo, but not much (preferably no) toe overlap, it makes sudden U turns in traffic more of an adventure than i really need.
any thoughts?
oh, and a bottle mount would be handy with summer coming up…

Surly steamroller is strong. Geo may be more relaxed than what you’re after.

But, it’s got bottle mounts and no toe overlap. Price is pretty decent in Oz too.


I have heard some great things about the Soma Rush, it is more of a track geometry so that will definately be the handling style that you describe. But as usual with these kind of purchases, you will be a bit of guinea pig. There is no way of telling if the style is right until you have it in your hand. I just got a 57 square ‘spicer’ frame/fork from the states $380 AUD to my door. Haven’t built it yet to give you an impression. I also second Des on the Surly Steamroller, great bike frame, strong as. Also what about those cheap ass Fuji’s Flight 100 (i think) there like $600 for whole bike.

I believe you’re talking about the KHS Flight 100. I don’t think that bike has been available in Oz for the last 2-3 years. The Fuji Track is a nice bike. I had one. Can’t say how strong it is as I’m a pretty light guy. Parts weren’t great but for the price you can’t complain.

Yeah the fuji one not KHS. Thanks for the correction Des.

I’ve been looking at that bike too, and also the Raleigh “Rush Hour” caught my eye

I don’t think there are any distributors in Oz for either :frowning:
i’d like to see both of them in the “metal” and test ride both. Probably end up “fixing” my current ride in the near future.


saw a soma rush at CBD in sydney, bare frame. nice, non-lugged frame, looked good in the flesh so to speak.
i just wish i actualy had the money for one now. oh well.