#SOTB : NW Sydney edition

Let’s talk about doing stuff on track bikes in the summertime of the great north west.

Kick off: possible meetup at Parramatta Lanes: Parramatta Lanes Riverside Brewery is having a pop-up bar, their beer is awesome.

Other shit: ride to a park to drink beer, do skids and trackstands, and hang shit on Lorday.

disclaimer: #dadlyf means I may or not be able to make it to stuff, even if I’ve organised it…

keen, but same #dadlyf conditions apply here.

also my #SOTB ride wouldn’t get approval from the grand #SOTB commissioner as my fixie is a converted 80’s 10spd roadie with brakes.

But hey its gets into the 2007 vibe due to the fact it was found on hard rubbish on the footpath and “restored” in complete noobie stylz.

The nwsyd vibe isn’t as elitist as those melbourne clowns. 2k7-spec conversions will be more than welcome. Hell, any bike is welcome, but if I find out you’ve got a sw8 fixie at home and you bring a crabon roadie on a #sotb-sanctioned ride I’ll probably get a bit miffed and make you buy the first round.

Lets merge the city folk and the NW for this Parra thing, I’m sure most of us would be keen for a leisurely fixed gear ride along the Sydney-Parra trail to meet for some beers. Get everyone reacquainted with the bike zen, whip skids, carabiners on pockets etc. again.

If only we had 10-20 thai kitchen hands to bolster the amount of aerospokes.

We can meet at Martin place and do backwards circles and eat thai food after at Mr. B’s. #OGTHAIMAFIA

Fuck you Jono.
But I second the motion the ocean, but not until November cause #uni.
Thirdy #parkbeers/ciders/waters could be had at RHTC. We can get there purely via bike paths from mine now too for extra chilled don’t have to deal with motorist vibes.

Also fixed century is going to happen.

Late November otherwise I’l still be in Africa.

Or late October?

The parra beer and food thing is late October, I’ll probs be going to that regardless.

But late November for something else would be cool.

Holy shit, just had an idea. There’s a velodrome at Lidcombe, albeit a fairly average one with not much banking. You see where I’m going with this.

There is one at Merrylands too which is even worse I think!

According to internet the lidcombe one has been resurfaced. Now to find out if it’s publicly accessible…

lidcome has being resurfaced… smoooth(looking,from train) sometimes its just open and empty, but has gates n’ stuff. parra lanes sounds ace. seems most of us from there(city)are now here…(#burbs) does anyone actually wear carabinees any more? lidcome would be rad…
actually have been sitting looking at nobr eaks fixi … hmmmm.

Hey Luke!
Yeah, there’s a few of us around the hills/parra. Me and Ev are at baulkho, Lorday and HLC are up the road, and there’s a few new guys kicking around too.

I’m pretty keen to check this parra lanes thing. My wife wants to get along too, so we might go down there one night with the kiddies, and I can get along another night with the bike.

hey man, same i can combine both and show up with my own gang of 7. in blacktown still, but may be around for the odd summer saturday morning ride or friday night bash, just need to attain better cardio and vascular reading…

NW Sydney is my 5th least favourite part of sydney, but that puts it on the top 4 of my favourite parts of sydney so that’s okay. still, too far, no tarck, can’t come.

Go home Harry, you’re durnk.


Before I sign up for this cult thing … what’s SOTB mean?

South of the border … sex on the beach … software on the brain? Skid on the bike???

Spirito or the Ben

Somewhere over the rainbow??


All the options are here ^