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Hi all my name is Glen, just wanted to know if any Newy locals are on here and interested in a meet up/ride/beer? Cheers.

Parents live in nwy.
At wheeler place mum says they wrote on the wall
something about fixed gear riders meet here.

Lurk around there or check out the usual spots.

cheers, will check that out.

No worries bro.
I’m heading up at chrissy tossing up whether to take the bike or not.
You around cookshill area?

Not quite newy but edgeworth. Not quite the urban environment. Not much fixed love out here although i’ve seen a silver vivalo in training mode along spears point.

yeah im in cooks actually and i spotted 3 guys in wheeler place yesterday trickin so all good.

been to newcastle over the weekend and took my bike. ran into a guy called brenton who tries to get a few people together for rides. i can pm you his number if you like

Sounds good svensta.

pm sent

I am on the Central Coast but I would be up for the occasional ride in newy.
Should keep this thread going, I will definately be keeping an eye on it.

for sure got a few people together now so lookin good for regular meet ups.

hey all,

I am about to move up to the Central Coast in mid-november, so I am keen to find some ppl to go for rides/beer with.

The weather is starting to pick-up, so sunday beer rides are a must!

Anyway, keep posting up stuff if anything happens. Slowly but surely the numbers will grow. That’s how the Canberra ppl got together, and now we have our own forum section! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Ciaran

Where abouts are you on the Central Coast? To be honest i have only ever seen one or two other fixie riders around here but I am sure there must be more. I would definately be up for regular rides/drinks.

I’ll be in Bateau Bay, I’ll try to scope out a good pub ride once i move up there.

Starting to think there is a few more guys up that way of the coast. I am down the southern end on the peninsula but I have travelled down to Sydney a few times for rides so I doubt that will be any trouble.

Just an update on this we had a Thursday night meet up at Wheeler palce in the Newcastle cbd had around 8 peeps show, bit of a trick session for those who can and a good paced ride down to the beach, all good blokes and we are trying to make it a regular thing. If you central coast guys want to meet up for a ride down there i’d be keen to come down, also pretty interested to head to Syd for a Saturday Martin Place ride also.

didn’t notice this thread before, but a few of us have been meeting at wheeler place all year. about 3 or 4 of us, so it was pretty hit and miss whether it was on due to work commitments for a while.

But yeah wheeler place at civic every thursday around 7. Brenton is also going to organise a ride for sometime this month, as hanging around trying tricks gets old pretty quick for most people.

pm me for mine or brentons number if you want. hopefully a regular ride will entice more people than just hanging out on thursday nights


Any weekend rides coming up? It’s a bit hard to get up there after work.

I think Sunday the 29th Nov there is a ride down the fernleigh track to redhead.

Hey guys, Moving to NC from Hobart in the next few months.
Very keen to get involved in weekly rides/beers.