spanish straight edge

a fine bike, just read what he says
especially his email address

get out the lolcopter

It’s like spanish brendan or something.

what the hell is wrong with that? hes into something and hes plugging it in a non confrontational way.

out of all the fucking fixed gear gallery posts you find THAT one? come on… at least make it something good that you are going to try and write off.

oof @ op

p.s: The Marx | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos

siq band m8

i hope neither of my bikes have a top tube that looks like that… ie, slightly bent, but not on purpose.

It looks like it’s mid-40s and too much bad food as a kid…

brendans bike is nicer than that… even with/without all the stickers.

anyways, brendan is ‘from the future’, lane told me, so i’m nice to him.


Is the ‘one live’ section necessary because all the other vegan straightedges have died of malnurishment or offed themselves? :evil:

Payout FAIL…

Firstly, reconsider attacking people behind the annonymity of your keyboard. This guys email address is there. If you have a problem with his lifestyle choice, find it funny, somehow perplexing, why don’t you email him?

Secondly, I have no problems with this guys bike, lifestyle choice or otherwise. Paying out on someones lifestyle choice (which by the way probably does a lot less to fuck up our planet then yours) is pretty lame in my opinion. Hell, we probably look like wierdos to all the sheep in cars most of the time? Yet we have no problem paying out on them for not being so `enlightened’. As far as the no drugs, alcohol etc. I know plenty of fixed gear riders who subscribe to this lifestyle as well.

Lastly, milk is for babies.

Milk is rad - it comes from boobs.

I have no problem with him or his bike; my post was just set as a little trap, which did the opposite of fail. :smiley:

My comments were in no way directed at you @SanEsteban. They were at the original post.

hehehe… i mean yeh yeh how dare you attack someones lifestyle and corresponding email address



I hope you aren’t trying to suggest that MLP is not cool?

bahaha, next bike addition, my little pony chain cover

i’m just jealous that he’s riding fixed in barcelona. if i was over there i’d take him up on his offer to show good ride spots. i reckon it’d be one of the coolest places in the world to mash around. couple of little mountains, not a lot of cars, wide roads, alleyways, lots of bike paths, tapas y cerveza…

im sure the guy is a nice guy, and i have no problem with his bike or his life choices
just thought the email was funny

and to antmandan, attacking people from behind a keyboard, ahhhh welcome to the world wide web, people get attacked and shut down everyday on this forum.

lets face it the internet is no place for the hypersensitive to hang out

The only thing funny about the email address was the use of live instead of life. Classic euro straight edge hilarity.