SPD Pedal Recommendations

Looking to ride clipless/fixed/no brakes for both commuting and the occasional longer rides. Have a certain giro shoe model (two bolt SPD) in mind that’ll suit my criteria for looks/walkability.

Which pedals can you guys recommend with the key importance of “least likely to unclip unitentionally” and general knick/knacks that make that certain pedal better based on your experience? Willing to pay more for a better product but obviously not ridiculousy expensive.

Thanks in advance!


Shimano M540s. Cheap, no special tools required for servicing (like the M520s). Have been well proven over a long time for lots of people.

get the single release cleats too IMO. I like em a lot more than the std dbl release. Just feel a little tighter

Time Atac are the best for riding brakeless.

People ‘swear’ by the older Alium, but I’ve had no issues with both older and newer varieties of Time Atac Alium.

They’re all pretty good but if you’re on a budget it’s hard to go past Shimano’s offerings.

Yeah, the cheap shimano ones work as good as any if you’re on a budget. I got given some crank brothers pedals and they work fine for commuting too, but to be honest there’s fuck all difference in functionality between brands if you’re not abusing them*.

*like MTBing.

I went on a big tour on a bike that came with cheapish Crank Bros pedals. The cleat and all that worked really well, but the spindle/pedal seal broke leaving the bearings exposed, just before I left. I pulled them apart to rebuild them but it wasn’t that easy. The bearings were multiple and tiny. I would posit the the more expensive sealed bearing Crank Bros pedals would be way better, but the Shimanos are easy and reliable all round.

Haven’t used Time. What makes them better?

where’s that ‘crank brothers service image’ that starts with removing them from the bike, continues with putting them in the bin and finishes with fitting SPDs?


more expensive than SPD, cleats wear out faster, no lateral adjustment of cleat on shoe.

but I still like them.


well yeah, we should be more responsible CB parts disposers.

SPD fine for brakeless just make sure you keep an eye on wear cos they will start to pop after a while. Probably at least a year or more though.

Ask me how I know.

second this.


there ya go.

Yeah well sorry to piss on the smug party, but I’ve been using a pair of CB somethingsomethings for over a year and many thousand kms without a single dreg of mishap. I know the plural of anecdote isn’t data, but there you go, I’ve probably just been lucky.

That said, and as noted above, I wouldn’t use them for mtb cos scared of bendy spindles.

Disclaimer: these pedals were once owned by Blakey, so maybe they’re protected by an aura of smugness.

Time atac xc8! Cool cos they say carbon on them and have no shimano fredliness

And you can tell people you “only ride times” so they you’re cooler again

Did you vote for them?