Special offer: G.S.Facinelli Prototipo Combinazione Cloth/Arm warmer's - FREE !!!!!!

Just 'coz I’m a caring and special kinda guy (and humble) I’m offering a free pair of Protoype Arm Warmers for any fixed.org coolio’s who bid and win any of my ebay auction items.

Might look like just a rag but it’s a “G.S. Facinelli Prototipo Arm warmer - Shop cloth Combinazione”. No serious bike head should be without one. Use it for clamping your bike, carry it with you for when it gets chilly to keep your arms warm, perfect for greasy chain repairs on the road and making sure you have something to wipe you hands on so that you’re white cloth tape looks Pro and pristine clean, use it to polish you Campy crank arms, or slide it over your chain to prevent rattling or paint chips, you can also wrap it around your top tube to prevent bar slap dents, and chicks will see that extra touch of style as you casually have it stuffed in your pocket (they’ll be like “Who’s that guy on the CX bike with the uber styling cloth arms warmers”)… or even used as extra stuffing in your “package area” but I don’t got room to test that.

The uses are endless but these are not available to the public. Still doing product testing and development … waiting to hear back from Jens :cool: And they’d be too expensive, especially as no two are the same. One size fits most !!! The wide ends (where your arm goes in) is un-stitched so if you wish you can add an elastic for a firmer grip fr a more finished look. They are Medo friendly meaning if you are wearing them and try to access the shed which he is very protective over, he is trained to not rip your arm off. And I’d like to think they are stylish but I’m not one to gloat.

100% cotton, hand printed patterns. Again, these aren’t for sale … if you win any of my auctions items lemme know and I’ll personally select a mismatched pair and include them for free. I choose :wink:

Start bidding … Items for sale by g.s.facinelli | eBay

good price on the colnago bro

Next level!

"(they’ll be like “Who’s that guy on the CX bike with the uber styling cloth arms warmers”)… "

Why it’s the East Coast CX Series leaders!

What about if we recently bought some of your ebay items?

I’m selling that on behalf of a mate of mine …

I’ve got some used ones … shop soiled, Campy grease no less !!!

As soon as the Gruppo Sportivo Facinelli jerseys are ready you’ll have to ditch them Brunswick tops :stuck_out_tongue:

yeh, I believe I recently acquired an off-ebay item. does want arm-warmers, I’ve lost my other pair.

what’s your dog’s name


Blakey lost his arm warmers, you’ve lost you arm warmers … both of you met up with me recently and then I’ve got these all of a sudden?

Join the dots Sherlock :eek:

What handlebar clamp diameter is that adjustable stem?

Maybe I’ll call bibs on the lightning bolt pattern. (I won’t win the adjustable stem but I’m hoping to get something else)

did you wag school a lot?

I think the capital word in the sentence referring to him would possibly be his name. It’s a cute word for bear (honey bear actually) in serbo-bosnian-croatian … possibly several other eastern European dialects. No secret that with that name and ownership background he’s sure to have a screw loose somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw … Medo only bows down to Jim Bundy frames and he’s definitely watching you Alex …

/// could one of you mod-gods please add an “M” to the thread title so it reads Combinazione ? pretty please

I would have thought the ones worn by you would be worth more so yes I’ll have them!
I’m bidding for these restored red hubs so if you’ve got a BIN in mind let’s discuss!!!

Old school = 1" (or 25.4mm in new school).
If it cracks $200 i’ll stamp it NJS !!!

No dibs on specific patterns … the Omnipotent Despot™ in me get to choose and decree according to a very complex scientific method (grabs whatever is available).

does he like canned or dry food?

i can provide both.

I’ll let 'em run at auction. Mostly because peep’s usually laugh when I tell them what I’d accept for buy-it-now.
If you do win them and want some NOS wood rims in a 32/40 pattern to build them with then we can talk.

I have 1 lightning bolt. I will accept offers delivered by bicycle courier. Tenders must be submitted by 5pm.

i love that dog