Speed Dial SL Levers with Canti's

So im currently choosing the brakes for my on-one pompino frame which i’m planning on running with flat bars. I was hoping to get some feedback from anyone thats used Avid’s Speed Dial SL levers with a set of Canti’s. I plan on probably getting a set of the new narrow set Shorty Ultimate;s and using the modulation adjustment on the SL’s to tweak the feel but ive heard that its still not optimal and using a short pull lever will be a better option. As I havent had much experience with canti’s yet any experience with this would be great :slight_smile:

Paul Component Engineering - Cross Lever
They are not cheap but very well made pony bikes is bringing in paul’s stuff if your in Melbourne and if you get big boy bars as long as they are 25.4 you can still run them. But get the avid brakes they are awesome.

Just bang some Mini-V’s on there… perhaps some TRP’s and use them with your riser/lever combo.

That way should you wish to switch to drops, pairing the mini-V’s with a set of cane creek/tektro/SRAM SS road levers would be super easy.

those boats you call shoes will probably catch on the rear cantis anyway :wink:

EDIT: the one downside to not using canti’s on a Pompino is that sweet cable stop on the rear seat stay wishbone going un-used