Spinergy help

does anyone know were to get spinergy apart from ebay
and how do they go as a front wheel

they explode at the slightest touch. super serious.

yeah i have read a lot of complaints
have they not redesigned or anything
i thought by now there may be a new model or improved model of them out
i’m guessing not?

They stopped building them, they are shit, the end

they redesigned with stiffeners between the blades i know a guy thats done thousands of k’s on a set of the new ones.

but when i say new BrakeFree^^^ is correct they did stop making them u will need to get second hand. ebay is only place ive seen

not sure about being shit…?
Ive owned 4 pair new & used over 11 yrs.
Never ever had the slightest hic-cup with a set during
65kmh sprints & being 110kg.



Gee if they were shit, they seem to do all right for many years
for big teams like Saeco and Mario Cipollini’s sprinting…?

I stuck my whole fore-arm through my front wheel doing 40kmh +, after leaning down
and adjusting my speedo sensor and hitting a cats-eye in the middle of the road & the same time.
I assumed I would have lopped half my arm off after I regained consciousness.
More damage to me & my face & pride but nothing to the wheel…
But again every crash is different.

Though I’m not sure pro teams were using them on the front of there fixies beating around town.
But I’m pretty sure thats not what they were designed for.

Yes they stopped making them in 99, but as there website says:-

Do you still make the Rev X?
No, the Rev X was discontinued in 1999 and they are no longer available. Technology marches on and the new wheels are far superior in every way!

Buying a 2nd hand set may be shit, but its up to you as a buyer to inspect them to determine
the condition of them.

I’m sure if you head out and buy an old Gemini, you wouldnt expect it to drive like brand new, and not
be prone to problems. Who knows how it was treated? You Granny may have just driven it to church on Sundays,
or a 17yr old hoon may have thourght he was Peter Brock and raped the shit out of it.

Inspect & determine before you buy, & don’t judge by one picture…especially when its a triathlete holding it.
They fuck up every peice of bike equipment you can.

I bought a brand new late model set (NOS) in Melbourne a couple of months ago. They are around if you look hard enough.

No complaints here, used a Surly fixxer kit on the rear, modified part of the lock nut on it, all good.

Been on them everyday, really strong (stiff) wheelset.


So you have the model with the cross bracing then? My front spinergy was an earlier model and it had more flex than Pumping Iron

Why oh why did you link me to that? D:

tommy from most of your 26 posts, all I have to say is…
watch your step kid, watch your step!

Certainly no oil crisis in '75 amirite?

Sorry friendo, watching that is like a moth to a flame

Mine have reinforced spokes(blades), but do not have the small Internal stiffeners. Have seen the stiffeners for sale by themselves, but always wondered what type of adhesive to use that would not compromise the carbon.

My original set, (99/00) had the stiffiners. Pretty sure from memory they slid up between the blades…?
Cant recall them being bonded in, or even double sided taped…? Correct me if i’m wrong though…

Here is a really good site that explains some of the failures, and dispels some of the many myths about Spinergy wheels. Really good reading for anyone. Spinergy Failures

Busted Carbon

Check this one out if you want to see busted arse components, makes the possibility of a Spinergy snaping pretty small compared to all the frames, forks and bars…

Does anyone know if Aerospoke wheels are less subject to sudden, catastrophic failure than Spinergy ‘X’ wheels?

Like Spinergy wheels, Aerospoke are aerodynamic profile, carbon composite wheels. However, Aerospokes have one more spoke per wheel, they look ‘chunkier’ and seem likely to be less suseptible to ‘whirl-mode flutter’ (see Godspear’s link to the Spinergy Failures webpage) than Spinergy wheels.

completely different construction methods involved between the two wheels.
Spinergy consist of carbon FIBRE straps riveted in place,
aerojokes are a carbon COMPOSITE made in a mould.

Personally I don’t like either construction method, they both have weaknesses.

I prefer the carbon weave monocoque construction like hed, fir, zipp 3000, etc

Aerospokes also weigh about as much as a Velocity Deep V WheelSET, both the front and back wheels, with tyres on them. Caked in mud.

FTFY 10 char

youve scared me into not getting carbon drops on my new build eeeek