Spotted... Adelaide Version.

Kinda like Adelaides own “Missed Connections”. Stole the idea from the Canberra section.

On my way to meet Tim to get a saddle, I saw…

Christofe (yes, correct spelling) Australian built metallic gold track frame, front and rear brakes, “fancy” Turbo saddle, gum walls, shiny Araya rims, red bar tape and a Cinelli stem. Locked up on Gawler Place (southern side of the Mall). It was pretty nice.

User “Relax”'s green and black fixed locked up to a bench other side of Gawler Place.

i saw some guy on a red hillbrick with a mudguard last night looking a bit sketchy in the traffic on morphett st

Saw 3 fixies turning off hindley to king willy at 11.45 last night. riding so fast all i could see was the rear green deep V and the red, blue and yellow crumpler. Wanted to yell out do a skid but then thought twice. skids and tram lines don’t mix to well.

That’s Dan with green wheel and crumpler.

Three dudes just after 6 heading east on Rundle street, all on fixed with risers, one with an orange frame… you guys were going pretty quick, should’ve come riding with us!

Some bloke this morning riding west on North Terrace near UniSA City West.
He was riding a new red Hillbrick, looked like he was riding on a set of the black Mavic track wheels.

Get a helmet.

Long hair?

Not long, black and kind of straggly.

I don’t know. I just think it is a pretty juvenile move to ride helmetless.

I know one dude that moved to Sydney that love riding without a helmet. Had a new looking red Hillbrick.

Yeah, I wouldn’t do it.

But hey it’s kewl to be all like “yeah bro, no helmetz!”

So in my quick visit i saw…
2 rubbish looking conversions on Hindley St, a conversion Raleigh but it had those cool old Raleigh/Panasonic team colours at the markets, a massive green track bike with chrome forks, a fixed gear queer with green deep v’s, and a yellow Hoffy track on Ebenezer Lane. The day I left (sunday) my friend saw a fixed crew riding through town.
Alot more bikes than I expected to see.

I see a red hillman on anzac most mornings and a huge avanti, mostly black and blue, possibly a conversion. A sweet,shiny red de rosa ridden by a super fit looking old timer at glenelg. Also a yellow 27" conversion with chop’n’flops ridden gingerly down jetty rd.

The Panasonic / Raleigh is Sam’s, The Hoffy is Adam’s and the “fixed crew” on Sunday would’ve more than likely been me and my friends.

Not sure about the others.

is the guy on the avanti on anzac usually wearing glenelg cycles gear? if yes, thats the state junior handicapper…

Oh yeah, I forgot about the courier on the Hillbrick, brakeless with drops. Overtook me on Gawler Place last Friday, turned left down Pirie on the outside of the cars…

tall/lean guy, john lennon glasses? Haven’t seen him for a couple of days.

saw this bloke along north tce around 930 yesterday morning, and then some guy on a medium blue somethign or rather around lunch time along the parade today.

was driving down macgill road towards the city last night at around 9:30pm (I think), saw some guy coming from the opposite direction turn left.

wish I could say I’ve seen more about, but there’s SFA bicycles at the airport, I’m working here this week. no one who works here commutes on a bike?

If you’re there next week you’ll see my bike coming off a domestic from melbourne!

Although admittedly it will be in a box.

red macini track bike rundle mall tues night

Yeah. I saw that the other week. Really nice. It’s a Ron Whitehorn built frame.