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Hey gang,

Gyp had the idea of a quick spring / summer overnighter with short days and maxxxxx fun

The proposed route is here (http://ridewithgps.com/routes/9912245) ending up at Scrub Rd bush camp on Mt Nebo.

It’s 99% undulating firetrail with a few steep pinches and siq views. You’ll need at least 28s, there’s a few spots that are fkn guaranteed flats so bring tubes, I probably wouldn’t do it on a roadie, you could ride sealed Mt Nebo rd then cut across 2km of Scrub Rd to camp, same deal if ya’ll don’t have a suitable bike, could get dropped or park here (Google Maps) and hike in.

Estimated departure of 2.30pm, it shouldn’t take more than 3 hours to reach the shelter, that’s allowing a lot of stops plus it’s prime #goldenhour #lightbro time

Bring something to sleep in / on, there’s a water tank at the camp, usually has water but needs to be treated.

Stoves / food / beer are all good, pack out what you bring in, you’ll be digging to poop, TP is a good idea.

Sunday morning we can either shoot up to Nebo cafe (another 5km) or cruise back to Gap Ck and hit some single trail, Rocket Frog is extra rad with a fully loaded.

Plz reply with interest so I can book out the site with qpws or feel free to do it here http://parks.nprsr.qld.gov.au/permits/

yup. I’m in for suuuure.

Some of the climbs are pretty tough, and the descents were sketchy even on 35’s. But yeah, doable on skinnier tyres

I met a bloke who hiked in, reckons it took him 40 minutes. So yeah, if you can’t ride. The hike is easy.

This looks like fun. Good work.

Easily under a 24 hour trip. So its not going to screw you outta the whole weekend. Me and Zach are happy to foot the camping bill to book the site, if we can get people committed to the ride. Its not a massive ride distance & gives people the opportunity to do an overnighter close to home. There is plenty of dirt up that way so we can hit a bit extra if people are keen. Looking forward to it, its 8 weekends away so gives people plenty of time to sort themselves out.

It’s worth it for the hectic downhill ride home in the morning.

Working that day, I’ll see if I can get out of it. Woot.

Could you do it on a 26 inch duallie? this sounds like fun and I need to test out my bivvy setup.

^ hells yeah Rhys, it’s just fireroad, and some singletrack in Gap Creek MTB park if you want to.

I do that ride from Gap Creek MTB carpark via Boundary Road, past that camp spot, all the way to Mt Nebo cafe and back on my duallie. Good training, as it works out to be a ~3hr return ride, over 1400m of climbing in 50kms of riding.

Should be sweet Rhys, you’ll smash us on the sketchier stuff going down. Strap ya bivy to your bags and you’re set

keen, but might need to sort some alternate wheels, i have bad memories of bulk flats on that rd

Take my dually Scotty. I can’t do camping overnighters yet so won’t be going.

Just got the ok… I’m in for now…

Aw Nah I’m out now. It’s my brothers bday and I forgot I committed to 12 hours of drinking at Oktoberfest

im in

Sw8, I’ve booked out the site for the tenth!

tent or hammock?

Probs only one or two good hammock spots, I’d bring a ground shelter

What’s on the packing list for this… I’m bring bags of crisps and beer/bourbon/rum

Aight got a sleeping mat, pillow & bag sorted. Oh & bike sorted.

Just gotta sort out shelter, i am thinking tarp.

Whats everyones thoughts on foods. Thinking I might just grab some felafel, hummus from west end and bring some snacks.

Pretty keen to hit the Nebo cafe for breakfast. That way not taking cooking stuff and more room for some booze/less stuff to bring.