sqeeky pedal

i have spd 520’s on my bike. i have a squeak coming from one of my pedals. asking the question can i easily fix this (re-grease) or am i better getting new ones?

Could also be the cleat. I had that, then changed them and it solved it.

i did think that at first, will try

When I get lazy sometimes my heal moves out and I get a squeak when my shoe rubs against the crank arm.

They are rebuildable. You’re supposed to use a special tool for the outer cone; that notched one you can see on the spindle. 540s have a regular metal hex flat instead, which is why they’re preferable atmo. If you’re careful with multigrips, you can rebuild the 520s. It’s probably the cleat though.

I’ve had the squeaky cleat problem too. Try riding your pedals without cleats and see if it squeaks. If not, dismount/clean/regrease cleat screws. Clean/lubricate pedal springs too.