Sram GX 11s with Apex Rear derailleur. Urgent help!

Hi so I have a GX 11 speed shifter and an sram Apex RD.

Am I fucked or will it work.

I bought the shifter off 99 bikes and it was listed as exact actuation. But I got a bad feeling that it X Actuation.

Advice please.

Shitty thing is it doesn’t say in it anywhere we there it’s exact acc or x. Not on the box not anywhere.

If I’m fucked, do any of you have an 11 sram Rd you want to sell? Must be x acc

Or a EA 11s sram trigger shifter?

Searching the SKU from 99Bikes shows that it’s X Act.

Not sure how much digging you’ve done already, but I find mixed responses. Some are flat no, while others are yes with a warning about increased drivetrain wear.

I did a little bit and yeah the cable pull is different.

It’s definitely wrongly listed on 99 bikes I just emailed them about it. I just called the distro. So now I have to find an EA shifter or a X-A rear derailleur. Fukn 99 bikes