SRAM Red 11-speed

SRAM to launch 11-speed ‘Red 22′ group, hydraulic brakes

SRAM will jump on the 11-speed bandwagon by the end of this month, debuting two new high-end groups with 11-speed rear shifting dubbed Red 22 and Force 22. Production on Red 22 will begin in April with Force ramping up a month later, and availability is expected by mid summer.

The Chicago-based company posted a brief video early on Monday, April fools day, showing only an 11-speed cassette with cryptic flashes of the number 22. VeloNews has obtained Model Year 2014 product overviews through multiple industry sources, confirming many the details of the new groups, which is set to be officially debuted shortly before the Sea Otter Classic in mid-April.

Along with the move to 11 rear cogs, the SRAM will debut a number of new hydraulic and mechanical disc brakes, as well as a Red-level hydraulic rim brake.

The new disc offerings include a top-tier Red 22 HyrdoR caliper, budget-friendly hydraulic DB1 and DB3 calipers, and a new mechanical BB7S caliper with an anodized black finish.

The shift system will remain cable actuated, despite rumors of a move to an electronic- or hydraulic-actuated system.

The all-new Force 22 group, which will also be 11-speed, will be available exclusively with a new dual-pivot mechanical rim brake, leaving the hydraulic brake systems to SRAM’s top tier. A 10-speed hydraulic shifter will be made available, designed for SRAM’s current 2×10 road drivetrains.

Meh, they can’t get 10 speed right why try 11.

So it will use the same freehub as 11 speed Shimano, right?

I’m so past caring about this shit. Yet I still read the article.

You’d feel a bit shitty if you just forked out for MY2012/13 SRAM Red 10-speed to find it’s obsolete within ‘months’.
Mamils will love the hydro brifters though.

Only if you’re obsessed with having the latest and greatest. Dumb fucks don’t realise that the new group will make them no faster, but might make them not appear as fashionable to others that give a shit about that stuff.

But on another note: this all just reeks of SRAM not having any clear strategy as to what they’re doing. A certain amount of R&D money would have gone into the red 2013 release, even while they were developing the new 11 speed.

A little harsh…

Victims of marketing? Dumb fucks.

Edit: Also, see blind brand loyalty. A la mac fanbois vs android fanbois. Shimano vs Campag vs SRAM is just the same. Some of the arguments I’ve read border on the kind of fanaticism usually reserved for religion or politics. It’s just stuff. Made by faceless corporations.

Edit edit: Disclaimer: I work for a faceless corporation.

  • With the exception of Campagnolo. Made by Luigi in the Dolomites somewhere, extremely passionate, not faceless.

According to WW forum, there may be the option of hydraulic SHIFTING, which according to the tech boffins is actually a pretty cool idea. Super durable etc.

Or by Vlad in the Carpathians

or by Cheng in T’ai-Pei

This is bullshit. I don’t want hydraulic brakes or any more gears. I choose to run SRAM because you can throttle through the gears while you’re sprinting by pulling the shifter back into your palm as you hold the bars. Now I’m either going to have to stockpile old SRAM, or grow fingers long enough to change gears while in the drops with shimano.
Dicks, can’t just be leaving shit alone.
And dayne, what about 10 speed can’t they get right? I think it’s pretty good, but then I grew up riding BMX where nothing worked after a day of riding.

By the time they iron out the bugs with this, Luigi will have released 12 speed.

I think SRAM mtb stuff is great, the road stuff is just meh!
The rear mech is good, the brakes are fine, the chain rings, cassettes, chains, are rubbish IMHO
The front mech in non red are ok, but the shifters I don’t like much at all.

I’ve played with a lot lately on dads evo and we hate it.

I just think the new offerings from shimano are top notch across the range.

There horatio I said it.

Shall we rename this thread ‘Fuck SRAM’?

Yes, ride passion if you can afford the tools or record and super record or shimano if you want stuff that works

And I think this kinda sums up the problem: you hear very few complaints about Shimano or Campag apart from ergonomic preferences etc. The number of anecdotal problems that pop up with SRAM is enough to put me off getting it, even though everyone I know with it hasn’t had any real problems.

Disclaimer: I have and like both Shimano and Campag groups. Never had an issue with any of it.

Edit: apart from Campag and stupid proprietary installation tools (cranks, 11sp chain etc) but that is distinct from operation imho.

I do want hydro brakes on my road bike though. Imagine the lock-up!

Disclaimer: I have and like both Shimano and Campag groups. Never had an issue with any of it.

Me too. Campagnolo created the bandwagon that everyone wants to jump on. For timeless engineering I want to pre-order the 80th anniversary super record groupset. I think that n+1 may not work in this situation though