SS Commuter ideas?

I’m going to Maastricht, Holland for the next year or so to study and i’m building up a bike to take with me. Currently selling my road and track bike in hopes to build a basic quality SS commuter/town/gravel bike.

I’m using some parts from my track bike (wheelset, stem, seatpost) but I can’t decide what frame/fork to get.

My criteria is:
[li]Black Steel Frame
[/li][li]Internal Cable Routing
[/li][li]Fit up to 35c tyres with fenders
[/li][li]1 1/8 Steerer
[/li][li]Fender mounts
[/li][li]68mm BB
[/li][li]No canti mounts
[/li][li]120 rear spacing
[/li][li]water bottle mounts
[/li][li]Stainless steel drop outs

So far I have been looking at the Fairdale Parser as I can get the frameset to me for $400 but I’m wondering if there are other bikes/frames that fit my needs.
I need a really basic strong frameset, I will be putting a pass & stow rack on the front.
I like the all city big block but it has no internal routing and only fits up to a 32c.

All suggestions are welcome!

35mm tyres & fenders & no cantis is going to be tough, you’ll have to use ultra long arm brakes that don’t work too well.

Why black paint, internal cabling & SS dropouts as deal breakers? Spray can, external routing and forget the dropouts will open up a lot more options.

Buy an On-One Il Pompino, paint it, set it up with mini Vs or cantis and you’re laughing.

Dunno about the BB thing, but have you considered:

Genesis day one
Cotic Roadrat
On-one pompetamine
Can of black paint

Roadrat is alu though

don’t bother. just buy over there. its holland!

Buy one over there.

Edit: What Gypsy said.

internal routing eh? forget those suggestions.

Yeah cantis would be fine not really sure why I’m against them having never used them. I’m not a huge fan of pompinos but I will look further into them.

Yeah only problem is im not going until June next year and I already stupidly started parting out my bikes so I need a bike to ride/commute on so I figured may as well build one now that I can use here and over there. I’ll probably bring back another bike when I’m over there anyways.

Again not necessary just would be a +
looking into your suggestions now!

what wheels are on your track bike? and will they fit the 35mm tires you want?

Phils to Open Pros, Mavic suggests a max of 28c but I’ve read people using up to 42c on them with no problem.

Another thing to consider is that you’re in Holland to study- ie locking your bike up outside uni, pubs etc. You don’t want anything too nice as it will get stolen pretty quick.

Yeah man plus you’ll probably be top stoned over there to ride anywger
Go somewhere more sensible, like hawaii.

I use Open Pros on my 29er and it runs a Maxxis Ardent 2.25 with no problem.

pompino with mini v’s… you wont regret it

If you’re a little flexible consider the All City Nature Boy. Comes in Black as a frameset alone.
Spaced 130mm at the rear but can easily swap end caps on your Phil Wood hub to suit.

All-City | Bikes


double post…

I’ve been looking at the nature boy but I didn’t know it came in black as a frameset? I can only find it in a dark blue complete and lime green in the frameset.

I’m currently going to go either the Pompino or the Nature Boy.

edit I read somewhere recently on here that mini v’s can be difficult with racks, I’m looking at putting a pass and stow on the front will this be possible with mini v’s?