SS Narrow Wide Chainring Question

I wanna ss my 29er for the single speed nationals in December and was just wondering if a narrow wide chainring will work as part of a single speed drivetrain. It has sliding dropouts so no chain tensioner. I’m more just asking whether you can get the chain tight enough/it isn’t super disgusting to ride with the weird tooth profile or should i just bite the bullet and track down a proper ss chainring.

Yes. It’ll be fine.

Cheers Mike :slight_smile:

It will wear quickly vs proper SS ring, so not ideal long term but if it’s just a one off.

I would just get an SS ring, which are cheaper and more readily available than a NW anyway.

Nah I already have a nw ring and this set up is more just for ss nats. Plus the nw ring was just to get my bike rolling so my mate could ride it in Nepal. It’ll be 2x10 or 3x10 the majority of the time for #summerofgravel