Ss nats 2015?

Can anyone confirm SS nationals will be held in Vic this year at Wombat?

Dunno bout wombat, but if they mean wombat when they say woodend, then i guess its at wombat.

got a link? can’t find much info or dates anywhere

I thought it was going to be held in NZ this year. I have lost the link. So useless.

Yeah dunno about that but the NZ SSNATs took place in Rotorua last Sunday. Was good fun. Some Aussies were present including Brett Bellchambers. You can read about it here:

I spoke to a guy on the YT’s who said he’d seen on FB that it would be at Wombat/Woodend.

Being a member of Wombat MTB Club, I can say that I’m 90% sure it will be in WOODEND in NOVEMBER.

I better get myself a bike then!

I remember spectating at a SS race at officer/beconsfield. Damo, Mal and all the Spoke(n) crew it was fun to heckle!

Lets keep the buzz going on this! We should have an FOA showdown. If anyone else puts their hand up, we can start mouthing off at eachother on the internet*

*I’m not a guaranteed starter but love mouthing off.

That vid is gold. The guy who clears the river crossing then get off the bike to jump in the water cracked me up.

I’d be keen, attendance is dependent on date/exams etc.

p.s. I’d crush all of you, come at me.

^^^ dont even make me! Do you even SS, brah?!

^^ meow

I’m going to take your KOM tomorrow.

Which one? PS, please attach image to ride file showing one gear set up.
The rest of you, come on now. Is it going to be me and Sean vs all of rotorburn?

^You are jebus AICMFP

I dont know what that means! Mouthing off means in words, not acronyms :slight_smile:

I want to build another SS. Thinking something in 650.

I just went 1x10, baby steps. Couldn’t imagine lugging up casuarina climb without having a hernia on a SS. I’ll get there eventually though.

I might make it. Still have a SS mtb…

You’ll just go running in canberra won’t you?