Steel Cinelli track stem.

Good price considering what stems in lesser condition have gone for recently. Question is, is it actually 22mm (and french) or 22.2 and the seller is slack with their measuring? I don’t care enough to ask.

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It’ll be 22.2mm. I know the seller well (his name is Edward Albert from NYC and he has a pristine Malvern Star 5 Star) and he 100% trustworthy. - Website built by thevintagebikelife based on Blank Website

It’s odd that it doesn’t have any Cinelli stamps or badges but sometimes they did sell off excess stock unbranded to bring a few $'s in. Also, if Eddy says it’s exactly the same as Cinelli’s branded offerings then I’d believe him. This stem is prime for someone who has a stem badge (even if a repro) and drills/pins it onto this stem.

Price is relative. If it had a Cinelli stamp or badge it would fetch 2 or 3 times the buy-it-now. What you’re buying is a mutant or maybe something someone made at the factory and sold out the back door. That happened a lot too.

Would that also explain the “no logo” #14 bars?

Provenance or not I reckon it’s a good buy given the condition.

Could be … I’ve seen plenty of Cinelli 14’s that are original (never rechromed) and have no stamps. Anyways, the dude who used to stamp the bars never ate breakfast, and couldn’t have given a shit about his job. All the stamps are pretty faint.