Steel MTB frames

I’ve always had an interest in those 1980’s-1990’s steel framed mountain bikes. You know, the rigid steel chunky forks from Giant and GT etc.
They look awesomely bomb-proof.
Question is, where are they all these days- collectors items, or do you see them on ebay ever?
I guess a contemporary version of the bikes I’m referring to are the On-One.

Any ideas would be great, cheers!

A friend recently gave me a 1990s GT Karakoram missing a few bits, mostly completed with parts given by other friends. Ask your friends for their cast-offs, they often get a kick out of their ‘old faithful’ racking up the miles again.

I’ve been on and off looking for a Karakoram on ebay.

They do come up, but not often.

I’m still trying to find someone who will sell me a Fat Chance in Australia!

Most are in the US, and a lot of people don’t want to post.

there is a good site - think it’s, or if Fat Chances are your poison, then try

I just scored myself a sweet GT Tachyon frameset.

700D wheel size, will be built with 650B so I can use Pacenti Neo Motos or some slick Hetres depending on whether I want to go on or offroad.

Check out the fork dropouts, adjustable trail!

More info on these weird ducks:

Looks sweet Blakey- how many bikes in the stable now? :wink:

So it would seem that I’m not the only one that wants one of these high quality steel MTB frames eh?

Too many, but four or five will be going to the glue factory soon to keep it manageable.