Sticker residue removal on old bike frame

Hey guys,

I was just given an old, complete, Apollo bike last night which I am looking to restore and convert into a fixed gear.

The existing paint on the frame is in fairly good condition, although I am looking to remove all the stickers and the sticker residue that has been left on the bike from past sticker removal.

Do you have any tips? Recommended products? or general help?

Thank you in advance, I appreciate it.

Eucalytpus oil.

pls use the search function.

Hair dryer + Eucalyptus oil… then you go to the bathroom mirror, say Cadel Evans three times and then he will appear behind you and help you complete your build and mow your lawn.


there are products designed for this available in your cleaning aisle at your local woolworths/safeway/whatever.

Just leave em on. What’s the deal with everyone wanting to make all old bikes into non-descript shitters?? Apollo has heaps of old world charm.

Apollo has no cred yah

The old stuff does. I’d rather rock an old apollo conversion than a Visp or Bianchi pista…

nuff said.