Good, but longish article about that website

I still think its a useful thing, that has some bad results.


Edit: snowflake - a few of our discussion points are validated in there.

Yeah it seems to have it’s haters but it’s a great tool for me as a newbie.

It’s great for finding out new route’s/tracks around town and is a great motivator for me trying to get fit. I just have to remember to turn the bloody thing on when I leave.

I use it mainly because the interface etc is better than the standard Garmin one. Makes it easy to see how many rides, what distance etc I’ve done over time.
I don’t get into the dick-waving aspect of KOMs and all that. Most of the segments out my way are arbitrary and named after inside jokes: “Jonesy shit his bibs Time Trial- 37 metres” sort of bullshit.


In Devon, Squire speaks of the sense of fulfillment he got from the Strava challenge. “I felt so alive during that period. I just lived it,” he says. “I’m almost finding it harder to cycle with any meaning now that the challenge is finished.”

Can’t cycle without Strava, sounds like some sad addiction.

Strava is good for me, I ride alone a lot these days, so it adds to my motivation.
I am currently doing the base mile challenge. A great start to the year, instead of sitting in air con watching cricket.
I don’t have any KOM’s on the road and only a couple off road. For me, I value a PR more highly as I get fitter.

Yeh, I found that kinda sad too. In the same way that I feel weird riding past a gym with a spin class facing the window.

I just like how it shows me where I rode. Trying to remember it and log it on Map My Ride was a pita!

i use it the same way, PR keep me pushing my fitness. i know of some KOM’s that have been done with a Vespa. knobs.

I held a KOM due to a GPS glitch(I assume) . I had an average speed of 10000kph. Some one came along and did it at 11000 so now I’m only 2nd

I always forget to use Strava, however when I do remember to use it, some of the KOM’s I see are hilarious, such as this 700m “climb” of 0.6%. Look out!

I found yesterday that Strava won’t make a leader board if it deems the segment dangerous! I’ll give em’ points for this hey, the section was a shared bike path/ walkway along milton rd (if you know it you know what I mean) and it can be a carnage fiesta down there at certain times of the day. Good on you Strava.

Yep, you can report segments as dangerous!

There’s a cracker of a steep hill on one of my routes which you can really smash down, as long as the lights at the bottom don’t turn red. Hence, they’ve deemed it ‘dangerous’, which is true and a good thing.

This is kinda interesting. I’ve just started using Strava this year as I’m planning on logging as many of my rides throughout the year as possible (for curiosity’s sake) as it’s just a shitload easier than doing it manually in a notebook etc. But I can definitely see how a certain kind of person could get very fixated on the KOMs and all that jazz. Kind of sad though. I agree that the PR aspect is something I pay a lot more attention to and am happier to see than a KOM ranking.

It can get kinda depressing when you checkout mates Strava rides, say on a day such as today, while your stuck behind a desk at work. Strava-holes indeed.

Don’t know that I’ve really come across anyone being a dick because of Strava. Always came across plenty of idiots on bike paths before Strava was around.

strava can suck a fuck

You can do better than that, alex90210. It doesn’t even make sense.

I love it, Why not go get some kom’s why not try a speed run.
Shit its just a fun little game,
Where i live its impossible to get any as its just pros that rule them.
I do like to give them a good crack every now and then to check my pr’s and see how im going

Strava is such a fuckass.