Suggest me some bikes

Hey there guys - with the house renovations winding up, it means that I may have some more time on my hands for riding. After being incredibly inspired by those that have tackled Tour Aotearo, Hunt 1000 and other adventures - I feel like I would like to train myself up to gift myself some adventure which has been lacking lately.

The 3 bikes I have at the moment aren’t up to the task so I will be looking at another bike which I have been saving up for slowly.

I am after a few things with this bike. I used to ride a singlespeed on-one inbred which I really enjoyed - it was fun, flickable (26") and I could smash trails all day. It would be good to be able to find a bike that when I am not out bikepacking, it can be used as a SS for a bit of strength training at Stromlo.

The two bikes that have been suggested to me so far are the Surly Karate Monkey and the Krampus. Whilst I really like the look of them - I am just not sure about the plus size tyres.

Is there anything out there that I am overlooking? A steel 29er that is similar to the Surlys?

I have to mentally sift through the conversations I’ve had with people lately as someone was talking about looking ata KM and then deciding on something else which offered a better deal.

My first guess is that you should keep an eye on the 2nd hand market as something like a salsa, niner or a soma could easily pop up at a price that rivals a surly retail.

The niner Sir9 would be rad - a little more towards the XC side of things, but it would be out of my budget I think. The Salsa woodsmoke popped up on the radar as well.

Here are some reviews of the new Karate Monkey

A Salsa Timberjack

A Salsa Woodsmoke

My boss picked up a SIR9 w/ carbon wheels ex-demo from a local store for just under $3000, basically new condition.

It is an incredible looking bike.

… or a kona unit?

Something like that Kona unit could work! If it was a medium though… dang it.

Oh man I want that Kona

I wouldn’t be looking at SIR9, I’ve seen a few of these built up at my local and they look very nice.

Hunt bike?

Kona Unit in Medium.

No mention of the size on this 2017 one, but it’s the current model, pic 6.

2017 model has a mint paintjob, couple of shops have them in stock in Melburn.

Yeah my boss has a sir 9. Its an awesome rig. One thing about them is that the triangle isn’t too big so frame bag size is very limited.

Thanks JLN!

How’s that memory of yours going mr Nikcee.

Was it a Log Lady?

The log lady looks like SS only to me.

Ok, when I said these I kinda meant these >

But like anything Niner, a bit exxy.

Ahhh yup - I read your post incorrectly. The RLT9 looks a bit like gravel grinder adventurer thingo. I am after something with a bit more of a mtb thoroughbred. To be honest, the Karate Monkey is on top of the list for me at the moment. I do have time on my side as it will take time for them to get into the country so I am just making sure I cover off on all bases.

This popped up on my radar a while ago…

That giant is sweet I want one

So is the Wolverine off the table?

Yeah, I think so at this point - I don’t have enough dosh for both and the Kona CX SS will get the commuting duties that the wolverine was going to get. I think I might build up a new wheelset for the Kona with a dyno.

I reckon you’re hitting the right stuff. I guess you’ve not mentioned Jamis though. I love Jamis steel bikes. The dragonslayer looks good.

How do you think you’d go with the karatemonkey rear dropout thing? Pretty happy with the direction you’re heading. I dunno if people here know how crazy tough you are on a bike…