Sugino OX601D

So these are back in stock at

Before I pull the pin I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to run into any difficulties subbing these into a 9 speed Veloce drivertrain?


Thanks for the heads up!

EDIT: Sold out? That was quick, must have only had 1 set

Crap, I guess I shouldn’t of slept on it.

Did you… Lowers sunglasses, dally more?

It’s been a while (~25 years) since I’ve heard that one…

SO back to the original q. They’ll fit into a campy drivetrain OK?

Geez. Move to Tassie already.

Yes ATMO. Double right?

All my research says yes to 10 speed. Need to change spacers for 11 speed.
Bought a set for the Kumo to go with Centaur 10 speed with mid cage mech -> 46/30 to 12-30

And a link to a review & more deets

Back in stock again. Didn’t dally

Looks like they’ve got heaps now. Would be filled with buyers remorse if they had anything shorter than 172.5…

Dang, bought Ritchey Logics in the meantime, I gotta tiny inseam and figured little difference between 165 and 170

Hmmmm… Might have to buy another set. Seems like good ring combo.

Anyone know where to source the 11 speed spacers for these? Cheers

try alexs cycle, its a japanese based webshop.

But once you know what size you need go to your LBS, wheels manufacturing make kits for much less than you’ll pay for the sugino ones.

I found the Alex cycles ones. They’re 3.5 and 0.5mm. Cheers

0.5mm to get the big ring (110bcd) closer to the little ring (74bcd)
The 3.5mm spacers are for running two 110bcd rings.

Ah crap I already ordered both.

Thanks for the info though otherwise I’m sure I would of been confused for days.

If anyone else is playing at home 0.5m here for $6

Think you need 3.0mm for double 110bcd rings.
The 3.5mm must be standard for 9&10-speed.

Hmm that’s interesting the only version of those pics I’ve seen just say spacer without a length.

Sugino only make the 0.5 and 3.5mm spacers.

Hey, any feedback on how these cranks go set up for 11 speed? especially shimano? I’ve been thinking about grabbing a pair.

I’ve been running mine with Campy 11 for a while, with the .5mm spacer. Generally pretty good, I’ve got the 46-30 rings and haven’t been able to get them setup without rubbing the FD going from big ring to big cogs.