Sun March 29 - Beers, Bbq and Bikes - Blk Mt Peninsula

Basically, considering all of you fixie freaks are coming out of the woodworks, and there is all this “whose is the blue bike with the red bar tape” chatter going on, i was thinking we should have another meet-and-great-bbq-piss-up to put names to bikes, and faces to forum names. 'espcially coz berra winters are shit, and we’ll all going into hibernation soon, we should do a final meet and great before daylight savings ends.

To avoid a cacophony of voices, I am going to set the date and time and place as:

Sunday 29 March
4pm- whenever
Location - Black Mountain Peninsula (hope that works for both the inner north crew as well as the Kambah Massive).

At this stage, I am just floating the idea as a way to get people together beyond the forum. Let me know if you’re all down or not. Also, if a heap of you are keen but can’t make the date and time, we can maybe revise the time.


sounds like a good idea to me - date and time is good or if it changes i’m easy.

Awesome idea and sounds like a heap of fun… but I won’t be there… fkn wedding.

Sounds like a damn good idea, i’ll be there

yeah sounds good to me too, I’ll put the word out to the fixie types that I know as well!

Will do my best , hey trevi got that bike orded yet?,keen for a tyre kikin’.

hey luke, yeah i got the bike yesterday - got home at 2300 last night and put it together. first ride out this morning and it’s very nice. i’ll swing by the shop tonight and show you. i’m pretty keen for some ride action.

i should be practiced enough to be able to get myself to the bbq next sunday :stuck_out_tongue:

if i can go i’ll ride wit you.

right on

Just an idea, maybe we could all meet up in the city first and then convoy it to black mtn?

shit yer, covoy sounds god can we have a beer first…please.

+1 on the convoy idea, and beer sounds awesome too

how will beer and sausages get to the mountain? i ride brakless with 2 kids in a trailor but not when i want to have a ‘ride’ so someone need to logistacly have them arrive there …maybe a genrous partner with a car?

what if we all bring something (backpacks)? maybe when we meet up in the city we can work out what we want, go get it, load up then head out?

This sounds good! I have friends in town that weekend but I’ll try to get there too… maybe bring them along.

by the way does anyone else disagree with this: “'espcially coz berra winters are shit, and we’ll all going into hibernation soon”?

I love Canberra winters and ride more days here each year than I ever did in Melbourne. Cold, dry and clear… YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

yer 6 degrees and blue sky rocks but the nights bight on the fingers. Aq’s of the subject …does anyone know a rider with white disc rear? passed him the other day in lyneham, are you on here somewhere?

Yeah, thats Canbanger’s ride I am pretty sure. Pics on this forum somewhere.

Yeah, white zipp disc is me, dude you almost got killed, lucky there was no car coming from behind!

ah thats the thrillll of fixed for me ,its that stick of die thing like skating but killed real bad, feet straped in kinda bad, dont want to sound like a wanker but i dig the think quick of fixed riding over freewheel especialy brakeless. see you on that run again, maybe we can tail each other .

Good timing and super-keen. See ya’ll there.