Super Mario Track


lol Even the title of this thread got me humming the theme tune. Mario needs a potatospok on that kart though… I hope i can ride by the 30th.

Even if you can’t mate, volunteer to be a checkpoint. Almost as fun, then you beat it back to the pub and get rat-assed with the rest of us.

This looks freakin sweet, can’t wait. Nice one lewis

Bowser’s my name, throwin shells is my game.

Oh man, the theme/images I wanted to upload to my spokePOV would be perfect for this. Even have an idea for costumes as well.

Am helping put on a dubstep gig though. 30th Jan, Low Society at the Gladstone in Hipsterdale - DSS sound and some stonkin’ locals. If that means anything to you guys…

damnit. Coincidence? Surely not.

mmm… chick with a moustache. gets me everytime.

total coincidence. But i’d be keen to go check it out. any one else?

If that has anything to do with the Play! exhibition that was in Melb last year I’d recommend allocating at least 2 hours to spend there.
Pixelation has never been so much fun…

I lost over 3 hours at Game On before I even looked at the time. A++ would play again.

if i can extend my sydney visit. i’ll be at this.

Do it!!!

Still need people to checkpoint.
Convince your mum/best friend/partner/nextdoor neighbour/whoever to do it or I’m going to have to start asking people to take one for the team.

I can not wait, i pushed back my fishing trip for this

what distance are we looking at?

probably somewhere between 15-20km. at a guess.

think i’ll be able too. don’t have a car/bike to get around … but if it’s not too far out

I’ll checkpoint if you need the numbers