Support my boy with Cancer

My name is Duggy and my 2 year old boy Finn is currently in remission from a battle with cancer.

So I’m doing the ride to conquer cancer in QLD next year, so between now and next August I’m looking for sponsor dollars and someone or a whole crew to do this thing with. It costs $50 to register yourself (we can nominate a team once everyone has registered individually) and you have to raise $2,500 to ride on the day. HELP ME!

I have made the $2500 needed to get in the ride so please donate to XCX’s Link!!!
The Ride to Conquer Cancer Australia:

This is the link to XCX’s donation page

Thanx heaps for looking from myself Finn and his buddies.

Good on ya mate, happy to donate. Really glad to hear your boy is in remission.

Diddy mate your a legend. I’m a Graphic Designer/Sign Writer if you ever need a decal or a vector redraw or a mask for a spray job made up consider it done. This goes for anyone else too, I’ll work for donations.

Good luck.

I am thinking of doing this too but the melb leg anybody else thinking of doing it down south. I was thinking of holding an event to raise the dosh any ideas.

Got a link to the Melbourne part of this? I’d be keen to do it.

I’ve signed up to do this ride also mate, will pm you for training rides etc.

Look forward to it Bergs…

I can’t read this and not donate. I’ll find something. I wish you all the best.

I’ve thought of nothing and I’m fresh outta ideas, but I’ll be there to help.

And Duggy, you’ll get some cash from me, perhaps I’ll skip all my iced coffees and porno mags for the next few weeks and give you whatever I come up with.

Good on ya Mr Dylan, I’ll keep my eye out for porn mags at the garage sales…

Donating to this. My nephew’s best mate is in chemo at the moment being treated for hodgkin’s lymphoma. I had testicular cancer earlier this year. Cancer affects so many lives, I hope people can get behind this if possible.
Glad to hear your little one is in remission, Lokione.

Thanx Heavymetal, I’m guessing by you saying “had” your in the clear now! Thats great hey. Cheers for the well wishes and the support.

fully support this. money pending.

Yep, in the clear with quarterly visits for the next few years. Feels good man.

People are awesome, raised over $1000 in 24 Hours. Really can’t believe it. Got some companies interested in getting their logo on custom jerseys, need a team to wear em. Have a think about it people, I’ll throw it out there again in a month or two. First of many drafts below (yeah the graphic is ripped off the net, I’ll get to it).

Just think we get ten riders each state to do this ride and we could raise over 100 thousand come on guys anybody in for the Melbourne leg.

fully support this! donation on the way

Been thinking about doing the NSW leg of this. Just thinking at the moment.

how long are the legs? im pretty keen for the qld one