Surf Spots in Vic

Can anyone recommend some beaches suited to a beginner.

Preferably somewhere quieter that is learner friendly.

Thanks in advance


ask user ‘heavymetalcyclist’, he’s mad on surfing

^ Hahaha

West Coast: Point Impossible/13th Beach/Torquay Point/Point Addis
Peninsula: Anywhere pretty much not on the ocean side. Point Leo’s can get good if there’s a bit of swell.
Phillip Island: Cat Bay if you don’t mind getting yelled at by the grey longboarders/Smiths Beach.

There is a lot of coastline, going anywhere in particular? Down on the Surf Coast, Point Roadknight would have to be one of the best beginner waves.

I’d add Lorne Point and even Pt Lonsdale on high tide (bay side). Pines (Shoreham) and Flinders (gunnery - few rocks to avoid) are both fine for beginners particularly if riding a mal.
Woolamai at Phillip Island is also fine if the swell isn’t too big and there is an offshore blowing. (Its also excellent if the swell is big but not for a beginner).

+1. Had some of my best dawnies at Woolies on a medium day with a light offshore. Magic.

Me too.

And some epic maxed out Cat Bay sessions for that matter.

Phillip Island rules.

If you end up in Port Fairy there’s some pretty sweet beginner waves on the East Beach there. But don’t surf at The Passage though, because if the rocks don’t get you, the locals probably will. One of them punched me in the head once, but that happened in a carpark and didn’t have anything to do with surfing.


What’d you do?

probably drew his sword.

^challenged them to a duel…?

I reckon Torquay Point would be the closest and easiest beginner wave out there. It’s also where I dropped in on a goatboater once only to later discover it was the chief commissioner of police.
He kinda accepted that was his lot in life as a goatboater though

awkward interview hamish?

I reminded him of it when I interviewed him once later. He tasered me.

Honestly? I don’t know! one minute I’m kissing his girlfriend and the next minute I’m laying in a carpark bleeding thinking ‘Shit that guy had long arms’

Random violence like that is ruining this society

I’ve done road knight a few times. I’ll check out some of the other suggestions!

Any spots inverloch way??


Kilcunda can be fun on the way, but can get pretty steep and heavy with a bit swell. Ok when small.