Surly front bag

They’ve released the Porteur House to go with their 24-Pack Rack.

This looks super cool, but how sturdy is a rack that attaches to canti mounts or similar rather than handlebar and front axel?

How is that rack attached? It looks like they just jammed it in there for the for the photo shoot.

Pretty sure they mount to the inside of the double sided mid fork eyelets that come on most surly forks

This shows how it’s mounted.

Uses the normal mid mount fork mounts

and the fork in the top pic has two extra barrels up the top near the crown that they have mounted to.

I dig em. I’ll be getting one when they’re in stock in Aus (the rack that is).

There must be another top fitting option to the one shown, using mounts at the crown?! Its a nice looking bag, for sure, and I’m interested too, for sure.

Interested in the rack as well, so lets keep us updated once its available.

There is an option to mount one to the crown.

These porteur style racks are designed to attach to forks that use mid-blade and fork crown eyelets or uni-crown barrel bosses like most Surly forks use.

You’d just bend one of the existing bars and mount it through the fork crown hole.

Yeah, thats a pretty hefty 73 or so degree bend of a short steel tube though (or the solid tang). I hope (and assume) they come with something to make it easy for 99% of bikes. Crown barrel or any other mounts are a bit of a rarity, no?

Yeah they are, some of the tubes supplied already are bent.

I think that’s because they’re designing it for their bikes, and the double mounts allow them to carry more weight than is normal for a rack that size.