swanston street heads up..

just in case you havent noticed…
they are now fining people riding in the tram lanes whilst the roadworks are going on…
last couple of days they have been giving warnings… but now youre copping a sweet fine.

just FYI…


So good to know. I’ve been doing that a lot.

On what grounds? I’d like to know what’s illegal about it.

i notice on friday the cops are hiding behind the fences and busting people riding through the tram lines

I haven’t been there recently, but I think there’s a sign at each end of the works saying cyclists dismount. At least there definitely was when they were doing the latrobe st section.

Surely they cant just bung up some shitty sign saying “hey, dont go down there” and then come up with some arbitrary fine and start stooging people. I want to see the bit in the Road Traffic Act where is says that Swanston St is a no go zone because some fucking council spud put a sign up.

“Cyclists dismount”… get to fuck.

^ It’s a tram track, not a cycle way. No big deal just ride on a different street.

Yeah, but Im looking for a target for my misdirected anger today. I’ve decided to go with coppers hiding in bushes.

Ted Bailleau is in the metaphorical crosshairs today too…

ding ding ding. FFS, either walk your bike a couple of blocks on the footpath or ride on a different street. Currently the non-tram vehicle lane is dug up, only leaving the tramway, which vehicles aren’t permitted to travel in

Rule 155: Tram lanes

LEFT A driver (except the driver of a tram or public bus) must not drive in a tram lane, unless the driver is permitted to drive in the tram lane under this rule or rule 158.
Penalty: 2 penalty units.
(2) A driver may drive in a tram lane if the driver is driving a truck and it is necessary for the driver to drive in the tram lane to reach a place to drop off, or pick up, passengers or goods.
(3) A tram lane is a part of a road with tram tracks that-
(a) is marked along the left side of the tracks in the direction of travel by a continuous yellow line parallel to the tracks; and
(b) begins at a tram lane sign; and
(c) ends at an end tram lane sign.[/LEFT]

Let me have my indignation.

I agree its a slightly pointless argument, but there are no yellow lines or raised yellow thingies which designate a tramway… .like these:

No yellow line, no tramway, no?


tram tracks = tramway.


Im feeling the rage, rolly.

And no, the rules for cars differ for:

Tramway (the dedicated ones with the raised things like Commercial Rd and St Kilda Rd)
Tram lanes (some other kind of tram tracks)
Part time tram lanes (which are something else)

Some info here: http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Moreinfoandservices/PublicTransport/TramProjects/TramPriorityAndSafety.htm

Not that it matters…

And 3 weeks for that hit by James McDonald is a fucking joke… messed with my dreamteam.

Balki just ride through the tramway then, and if the cops try and stop you, they’ll feel your wrath (or you’ll feel their cable tied handcuffs). There’s always a choice.

and if you do this, let us know, i’ll bring the popcorn.

Nah, E-thug only…

I have to admit, I ride up the tram tracks daily, never really thought much of it. The sign should say “Clueless Cyclists Dismount”, everyone else is cool. I do see some stupid cyclists jump out in front of a tram that is about to go, which causes the tram driver to ding their bell with great angst. I just hang back until there’s a clear run up the tracks, no harm no foul.

What cops a bigger fine? Ride on the tram tracks or riding on the footpath?

I’m going to ride my bike on the tram.

I just ride down the tram line and hope the cops don’t get me. I save my outrage for the price of groceries.