Swap Meet - Sun. 20th of Sept. @ Cicli Spirito

FOaMafia get’s it’s own section. Lemme know how mnay of you are keen and I’ll make sure it’s big enough to house you all in. Details to follow but basically a simple set up, outdoor, it’ll be on rain or shine, 7am for set-up, 8am for the public, it’s free, I’ll be doing a sausage sizzle and selling soda’s, trying to organize a coffee van.

All finished up and done by 12 midday - get in early, go home early (or we go to the pub !!).

Limited spots - basically my good mates and all the FOaMafia. Everyone else can go freestyle :wink:
Don’t need to post here … just get one of you to contact me and lemme know how many of you are in for the day.

details here: Bicycle Swap Meet

Share it around, so we can drum up the punters and get some interest going :wink:

Great idea mate. This is what the bike nerds of Sydney need!

I’m in, I reckon. Got a couple of frames and few bits n pieces to offload.

Good timing, I have shitloads of stuff I want to get rid of. Count me in!

Well I’m hoping to find a good coffee vendor and see if we can start something regular off. Not a whole day event, not a wank fest, just buy/sell/swap in person and see how things go. Like they do in Melbz really well.

I’ll close most of the workshop off, and the outside area will be clear of cars on both sides so we can set stuff up … so the space is there. The dunny is there, music is also on and I’ll bring the Webber out :wink:

Sounds excellent! Do we need to bring tables/stands etc?

I’ll find out in about 20 mins what we can do :wink:

I’ll have a few tables in situ (2 … about 6ft. long). Anything else you’ll have to organise for yourselves. They’re borrowed so if one of you wanna set them up and pack them down it’ll make my day easier.

I like sifting though stuff on a tarp or blanket or something ATMO. Some sort of magic about it.

Also, in! Not as a seller though.

Yup samesies

have shared on the FOA facebook page.

Thanks Rolly (didn’t know there was one !!) I suck at intrawebs !!

There was certainly some magic last time you were sifting through stuff on a blanket…

You mean at the Fyxo swap meet? Yeah, there was.

Oh. Wait. I see…

I’m in too. Got stuff that needs going

Cool, good to see you guys are keen & coming. I’ll have a big spot so you’re all together :wink:

Keep in mind the set-up time for the swap vendors will start at 7am and hopefully all will be ready by 8am. After that time there’ll be no room for cars to stop and unload. If you’re carrying stuff that’s OK.

Look forward to the day :wink:

Given the pretty dire weather outlook, whats the plans if it’s raining?

Spooning on the couch?

if it’s raining i can set up in the back of the van (if there’s room).

Spooning in the van?