sweet cafes and restaurants of Brisbane

I want to find some smaller, friendlier places around Brisbane CBD to take a friend to.

I doubt anyone knows where the good places are better than a group of brisbane fixie hipsters.

looking for bars, coffee shops, bistros, restaurants, cafes etc.

I know you know the good places, so please share!

I’ve been going to the scratch bar in Milton lately, they have free beer tasting every day and the staff is usually pretty nice, also they have free peanuts!

Can’t beat free peanuts that have had the knob touching hands of fellow drinkers amongst them!

‘Leftys’ on Caxton hand out free individual bags of fresh popcorn until 3 am most weekends (that last few times I have been there)

Depo, west end, run by #fixiefamous Erik of Gear fame MUST VISIT

The Bearded Lady, west end

Lucky Duck on Gladstone/Vulture is nice and cosy

Crankstar on Annerley for cycle friendly coffee hangs

Cobbler Whiskey bar just up from Gear

me and bogear dave had a hot date there when i was in brisbane, was good, did drink beers.

The Italian joint in the moreton rubber works building blew my mind,
Breaky creek hotel

the big breakfast from atomic was the best i found on my recent trip.
wrapped was also very nice.

Mamak Tandoori House on gladstone rd, next door to lucky duck (you can get indian delivered in lucky duck) is the best indian food i’ve ever eaten

i think you mean

probably, it was very hot that day and i didn’t have any meat in my breakfast…i’m lucky i managed to ride to BOHQ!

Pod espresso Stafford :wink: awesome everything. +1 Lucy Duck.

Another I remember is the Walrus Bar now under the Regatta. Rum + cigar bar, nice (but expensive)

Good input so far.

shit host.

Last night, went to rouj modern Lebanese in Rosalie. This aint your usual kebab joint yet it is pretty expensive

Also went to the new American style diner in southbank today, HUGE plate of mozzarella deep fried sticks for 5 bucks, what a facked bargain, could not even finish it.

and this might not be everyone’s cup of tea but i thought i might mention it. If your looking to take someone super special for like an anniversary or something, check out Restaurant 2. I’ve been twice in my life and yes it is ridici expensive but its also crazy awesome and will get you in bed with any girl/guy of your choice.

Hey Scott, wanna go to Restaurant 2?

you had me at hey scott

Yeah I didn’t want to come anyway guys. ₪₪₪₪S!

Thursday night ride dinner and a movie thread??

get your hands off my fixie man, man

glad i could help you two find each other!