Sweet Klein Quantum road bike

Okay so the seller is dreaming price wise, BUT OMG HOW SWEET IS THE PAINT JOB?? Gotta love this era of Kleins.

Klein Quantum tri bike. Ex Con, Tri bars, Cateye, clip pedals, Shimano 105 | eBay

holy fuck! amazeballs. Going to watch this hopefully get relisted and price dropped a couple of times. $Dreaming.

Join the queue buddy!!! :slight_smile:

I had a Kenevans with very similar paint.

user Rhys has something very similar parked in his spare room. Chances of him parting with it are slim.

Did you sell it to Huw at commuter or is that just very similar?

It is the same frame but went through another member of the commuter family before Huw got it and Tristram had it before I did.

Horizon linear fade I top to fav Klein paint jobs


Wow iPad spell check gone mad…

Is one of my fav Klein paint jobs

Thought you’d be lurking in this thread dubrat… :slight_smile:

Boss just built one up at work, was NOS…some sort of bluey/green marble kind of finish. Daytona and 404s…Feels nice.

Thats probably market price for something like that overseas but I think he will struggle in Australia. Wonder what size that is?

God they are awesome colours

Yeah the one at work is one of the more subdued color schemes…detail parts are still being firmed up, trying to get him to put a quill stem and alloy finish post on it.

*Owner is like a hobbit, short legs, long back hence the setup.

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Relisted, 680/750 BIN…

I’ve always wondered what happened to Jerry’s Klein MTB… I imagine that it would fetch a princely sum of money on ebay

I forgot he had that thing hanging up.

Bad taste in jumpers (read jerseys) but good taste in bikes…

Price is slowly coming down. There would be a hell of a lot of people watching this one…

Didn’t he get a road bike later on? (I’m rewatching seinfeld now, only up to S3.