sweet pursuit

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that angle is steeeeeeep

I bet he uses the drops heaps!

so after all that dribble…still no mention of size?

that is stupid . really those drop… i would pay to see someone ride down in those bad boys.

and the rest of the parts aren’t really worth mentioning, but i’m after $1500? haha this should have gone up in the douchebag listings thread

I listed this thing up ages ago it was on bike exchange for sooo long.

I’ll have a bid lol won’t go cheap now that it’s on here, but half the fun!

challenge accepted

you WA guys suck. just pushing up the price and you both lose out ahhaha

It’s not like we’d ever get it with you cashed up lot over east buying everything! We dont even get a chance to put offers on shit over here the way you guys stalk the net :stuck_out_tongue: