[SYD] wednesday night

this wednesday, meet 6.30-7.00 at the cricketers arms, fitzroy st surrey hills (right near the hopetoun) for a spirited dash around the city, followed by a beer or two.
all welcome.

I love that pub.

on again this week. get involved, hipsters.

righto, on one “funny” condition. You bring your KEN :smiley:

any more rides planned? ‘a spirited dash’ sounds like my kind of thing

Most Wednesday nights.

Also 7am Saturday mornings at Martin Place GPO.

yeh, no-one showed last night. but apparently back on next week.

will be there on sat morning unless its raining again.

thanks for my first ride this morning boys and girls twas good… see ya this wednesday night

yeh, will probably skip class to ride on wednesday.
glad you had fun this morning, sorry a few of us weren’t there. we were on a long-awaited mtb trek thru the mountains…

hank = andrew?
yeah i had my first ride this morning too. I’ll be there wednesday night also.

yeah hank = andrew… hank is my last name kinda

mr hanky?

yeah exactly… im a fixie riding christmas poo


Is there a wet weather routine? It looks like its going to be a tad damp tonight.

tonight, cricketers arms, 7pm.

orright. i’ll be there.

that was fun. let’s do it again.

think me and a couple of other new fellas should be down next wednesday