Sydney CX

Rather than make a new thread every time somethings on, and now that I’m a professional cx racer, lets just post about things here.
Who’s going to Newcastle on sunday?

I was keen, but was struggling to find info on it. Was hoping they would run support races/b grade as MWCC did with the nationals last year but it doesn’t seem like it, having to be in the mix with state levellers with my middle of the B grade skills & the pre entry scared me off.

If it’s any consolation me, robin, arlen, erin and lachie (same team as last weekend) are all pretty entry level and we’ll be giving it a go (most likely). Serious people are a good lol anyway.
Pre-registration closes tomorrow at midday. Here:
I think Elite will be run at a different time to everything else, so maybe hit up the Masters (anyone over 23 I think?) for a less full on field. Maybe? I don’t even know…

You’ve peer pressured me into it. If do you sign up let me know and I’ll jump on the bandwagon.

I’ve signed up for Newcastle. It’s an easy train ride and I have family to stay with.

They’ll sirt out the divisions on the day, and I’m sure there’ll be something suutable for everyone. I went to the state champs in Manly last year, and I can’t even remember if I did B grade or A. I was fitter then but either way I was so far behind the fast guys that the division didn’t matter.

Glad to hear you guys are going. Will be fun. Good atmos there with all the beer and food and whatnot.

Shannon puts on a good race up there.

Theres a few of us that are coming up to remind you of how to get death stares from racers thanks to dubious heckling at the end of next month…

Hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) I’ll have the nature boy back and ready to rip early August, so i’m keen to race wherever and whenever, if there is possible transport opportunities. I also have relatives in Newcastle to stay at, with possible space for others to crash as well (Grandma permitting)

Yeah I’m looking forward to that weekend! Sydney park should be excellent. 3 minutes ride from home!

Have megaphone, will heckle.

online entry just opened up for the support races for NSCX round 6&7 weekend
cyclocross events | The Events Co.

Is that the same location the Rapha CX was on last year?

Yew. Will have bike done by then too, see you all there (both days, probably)!

Looks like its gonna rain all week. Anyone got some spare mud tyres for me?

MUD!!! rad!

Lorday’s got my only CX tyres. They’re kind of knobby? Maybe?

I’m gonna think about maybe getting there on Saturday possibly. Or not. What time does it all kick off? I can’t be arsed looking it up…


Lizanne has your cross tyres. Also they’re hard pack tyres, they would be useless in the wet.

I traded you brake levers for them too m8!


10:00 am - Course open for Practice
10:45am - Little Crossers (U13 + U7 )
11:10am - Race 1 – Open Bike (including combined Women’s Open and B Grade race)
11:45am - Race 2 – B Grade CX
12:30pm - Course Open for Practice
12:45pm - Award Ceremony
1:00 pm - National Series Women
2:00 pm - National Series Men
3:15pm - Award Ceremony

I was using “my” quite loosely.