sydney Jersey group buy design thingy...

been talking about getting some woolen jerseys made up for the sydney boyz and girls…

woolistic make the nicest stuff by a mile and can handle proper designs ( most of the other companies just do text in set locations
but they need a min of 35 jerseys and at a guess they’d be between $100-$120 US each ( with the dollar so strong now is the time for this kind of adventure )

thinking short sleeved and black as the base colour

what we need is some kool designs we can all vote on
so any of you crafty types out there get ya freak on

once we have a few designs we can have a poll to choose the one!


Wrong time of the year to go in for jerseys, but if we get some more folks in them I’m keen. They are damn fine looking.

i know its a bit warm… they the short sleeve jumpers are totally wicked to ride in when its hot… way better than a t shirt.

thing is we need some thing nice so gota give the creative ones some time to put something together and the $$ is sooo strong right now it would be a shame to wait and pay a lot more.!

So what are you looing for design-wise? Do you have a brief?

Is there a template for their jerseys?

hmm well black short sleeve as a base
logo and or writing that reflects our sydney-ness but not ugly as you want to wear it so i’d say lo key is best… maybe some colored/white panels or trim

or maybe we go the Le pista Resistance route… my self and my partner in crime both agree that the le pista logo would need a bit of a rework before i’d wana wear it on my arm
but this is also a great angle
given the length of LpR as a word maybe Le pista on the front and resistance on the back
with a logo on one arm and white trim…
i know when i like something but graphic design is not my strong suit

no template but this jumper is plain and could become one with a little photoshop

these guys are capable of doing some pretty complicated work so don’t be shy

id be into something classic looking, black and white, maybe touches of one other, simple panel across the chest

along the lines of this

that’s what we’s are thinking classic styling in black and white…
Can’t go wrong with that…
Big fan of the cinzano jumper

hell yeah! Defs into the cinzano one.


i like i like +2

+3 :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the cinzano jumper… so I might buy one 8-).

Sydney needs a jumper of its own, something original.
Problem is I can’t think of anything at the moment. errr

Here is how I imagine it. Its rough as guts atm, would need a better harbour bridge pic. Possibly something on the white section of the sleeve.

no bridge/opera house iconography plz.

Some kind of Frogger reference would be esoteric and sweet.

I like it, discreetly taking the piss on the icon, and less said is more.

glebe island bridge? maybe


not a big fan of the bridge…

but if you drop the white, the SYDNEY on the front and may be had

‘SYD’ and ‘PISTA’ on each arm in a small white font then…
lo key and something you would spend $120’s on and be proud to wear is the key here

Agree … that’s the worst design ever !! :roll:

How bout Steve Jones’ T-shirt as a cycling jersey ??? Very Sydney, no? :sunglasses: