Talk me into/out of getting an SE Lager

So I’m looking for my first ever SS/Fixie and quite like the look and price of the Lager, seems like a decent deal off the shelf. If I get it I’ll turn this into a Lager review.

Anyone think they are a POS?

I would LOVE to build my own but finances dictate that I wouldn’t be able to build one up really nice just yet, so maybe after customising my Lager I could build one from scratch.

Finally, might get it from Goldcross but I’m in Adelaide, how much and how to ship it?

Any words would be much appreciated.



I haven’t ridden one. And I wouldn’t buy one.

But for a first shot at fixed/ss you can’t do much better for the discounted prices I’ve seen.

Goldcross are cunts, dont deal with them. KHS flite 100’s, Cell cingles, would be a better option IMHO

Yup. Always cheaper to buy off the shelf. The Lager’s cheap and decent enough. And I’m sure there are shops in SA that will bring one in for you so you don’t have to go through Goldcross.

Ok, will avoid Goldcross but have no idea who can get SE in Adelaide, their site is useless. Any ideas?

I realise that it’s not going to be the most agile, quick and amazing fixie but reviews say they are good fun. Been riding MTBs mainly so this will be my first ‘roadie’ but mostly it will be for kicks, fooling about and commuting. Seems like a robust frame and I kinda dig the poo brown.

Would also like to know who stocks SE in Melburn as I’ve got friends that might be able to proxy me the bike.


bollocks. Agile and quick has bugger all to do with the bike. A strong rider will be quicker on a shit bike than a weak rider on a ‘good’ bike. The SE will do the job just fine.

Also, whilst I agree Goldcross are shit, if you just want to buy a bike from them, what’s the big deal? Don’t rely on them for service, that’s all.

Oh alright then, as long as it does the job and it’s a good ride that’s all I care about.

No probs going with Goldcross, after all I’m interstate so service won’t be needed anyway.

Any other dealers in Melbourne? I’m shopping for deals.

I think the shop at the Chadstone shopping centre near Melbourne has SE’s in it. Not sure of the name, but I am sure google will help u find it.

That shop should be Goldcross.

Indeed it is Goldcross at Chaddy, called them today, there are a few 54cm Lagers in Melbourne for $599. My LBS in Adelaide has a poo brown for $795RRP. Sucks! Best they will do is $710, they claim its old colour but new stock. Post AUD crash I suppose :frowning:

Bicycle Express can be cvnts about stuff, and extremely overpriced.

$40 Soyo grips! Pffft!

did he say it was B.E. though?

last time I was there, they still had brown ones in a few sizes for $599 and only the new white/black 2009 models were more pricey?

I pm’d him and said they did have some brown ones there a while back… I was assuming it was B.E.

If not…

$40 for Soyo long grips! Pffft!

Tell me about it Jolan. Never have a good vibe in there. Was B.E, they claimed it was new stock… so more exxy :frowning:

This bike is for my patriotic duty to stimulate the economy, can’t decide whether to just CC it and take it home and pay it off when Rudd stimulates me or not…


Got to say though, I enjoyed my first SS experience hooning around their slippery garage though.

I got the poo brown lager from Pedals Plus online in august. I know there has been some bad press on them on this board and I cant comment on that as the bike shipped to me fine, i put it together etc.

I took the plunge on this bike mainly because of the discounted price at that time, and the lack of conversion able frames in Brissie at that time. Its a solid enough bike but definitely will need a few upgrades as time goes by.

The tires are shit, get rid of them
The brakes are shit, the levers end up staying closed with no brake pressure. (easily fixed with a new bmx brake anyway)
Would probbaly get some risers also.
Some say the seat is garbage but i have had no issues thus far
The standard gearing is a bit tough on knees and no fixed cog is supplied.

all in all a good bike to start on and thrash, but you wont get any respect/kudos from the hipster brigade… :smiley:

ive tried to chat to 2 different d00dz on lagers, both times ive gotten the stink-eye. im just trying to be friendly, i dont wanna bum ya! geez!

my first fixed was a 08 lager, replaced recently after an accident with the 09 model from goldcross.
Their service is very average, but from adelaide it’s not likely to be much of an issue. I’d definitely have your mates who pick it up check it out before they post it to you… I had to take mine back to get the chainring swapped out, which they did after taking it back 3 times.

Personally I enjoy riding the 09 model, although I dont really like the ridiculous decals on it. I’d be interested to meet some other people and check out exactly what the difference is in comfort/feel with a ‘better’ bike, but I’m not sure I would especially notice the difference.

Anyways: if the price is good for you, and you don’t want to wait for something good and cheap from the bay - it’s a decent purchase for something OTS with a warranty.
fwiw I guess most people who would vilify you for riding a lager you would be unlikely to meet in adelaide anyway :slight_smile:

People who criticise you because you ride an SE almost certainly have their head up their arse and don’t know as much has they think they do.

Get a bike, ride it, enjoy it. The end.

BTW, I reckon even the experienced among us would have trouble identifying different frames/manufacturers in a blind test with no decals :slight_smile: