Talk me into/out of getting an SE Lager

Two of the people I ride with regulary both have the SE Lagers. One has powdercoated it black and put risers on it, the other swapped the bars out for some drops and put pink deep v’s on it.

As a ride they Lagers are fine, a bit sloppy, but still fun.

Thanks for all the replies, I’m going to mull it over for a little longer. Going to look into how much a Surly build, Charge plug etc will be. As it stands, the lager will be $700 here in Adelaide, a bit much for what is perhaps? $599 in Melbs but when you factor in shipping, almost the same.

Might wait and see if I can get one cheaper or pay a few hundred more for a Surly/Charge off the shelf job. I just want to get riding in Adelaide asap while the weather is good.

Still not averse to building one from scratch though, need to read more though.

Almost went ahead and put in on the credit card in advance of Rudds stimulation last night but thought better.

The 09 is a bit ugly for me, apparently the decals are hard to/impossible to get off. The beauty of the 08 is that they pretty much fall off for you :stuck_out_tongue:

yea, I’m not a fan of the decals, and tbh I dont think the lager is worth enough (time effort or money) to strip, mask, and spray.(although there was another thread about A star who would sandblast for under a hundred - still a bit rich for my blood atm though) Essentially: You arent going to hide the decals unless you use stickers or sandblast :slight_smile:

atm I have no idea how to differentiate a sloppy ride from another. Having my chain fall off however was a massive pita :!:

I have an '07 Wheat coloured Lager, that has been fine for a first fixie. The decals are easily removed and it is a solid but not spectacular ride. Angles on the 52cm are a bit slack.

What size do you want?
I have a few ‘things’ kicking about in the shop.

I have an all black Lager, pretty sure its an '08.

All I have to say on a negative side, is that it’s super heavy.

Apart from that, I love riding it :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, and watch out if you want to change the bottom bracket/crankset. The BB is an ‘Euro Sealed Bearing’. I had to find a euro-english BB adapter to put my new soma cranks on it.

I bought one a couple of months ago when they were $499 from Goldcross. I love it and actually look forward to my commute each way every day. Still lacking the requisite skill set to build my own (and financially challenged due to mortgage/wife/baby etc) so reckon it is good starting point into fixies and will slowly upgrade it myself as I scrounge together some cash.

Incidentally, is there anywhere in Melbourne where you can learn the mechanical side of fixed gear bikes so that I don’t need to constantly create threads on this forum asking the same questions that have been asked a million times before?

try youtube and sheldon brown?

if you have a bit of mechanical knowledge (or are mechanically minded) get some tools and pull it apart yourself… theres not exactly much you can really fuck up. and even if you do, just take it to your lbs…

alternatively, maybe someone is interested in holding a n00b session? need a garage and a couple of hours, and go through servicing, pulling a bike apart and putting it back together… the only real skill you need to learn is how to lace wheels… I think I prefer to get a shop to do it, only coz i lack the confidence to do it.

as for lagers/cell/charge etc…
the frames of the cell are kinda weak, my mate has one and bent one of the rear drop outs last night, and has only had the bike 3 weeks! the lagers have a real issue with crankset…
I think charge are the best of the off the shelf bikes…

i ride an 08 poo brown lager, which is stripped, risers, white deep v’s… i like the look of it, but would happily change a few things on it.

So now :?

The Cell Cing1e is in the works for the simple fact that it doesn’t look half bad and it is cheap cheap for the components it has.

SE Lager Vs Cell Vs A build my own beater.

What a saga.

Go into cyclic flemington Evan will sort you out!!! :evil:

I can’t I’m in Adelaide :frowning: Most LBS’s here suck…

Does Evan post here?

yeah he does(The mad hippie), I’m sure he would have some bike boxes laying around to ship you across a bike.

Oh right… yeah I’ve been in touch with Evan… good guy, but don’t know if I want a charge :smiley: Thanks though.

im not incredibly enthused about the cell cingle… no offense to cell, but my mate bought one, and one of the rear dropouts bent out severely after riding it for less than a month.

he emailed them with photos, and a ‘what do you do about this?’… and got not response.

not that i think the support with SE’s is any better, but at least you can piss and moan to a store person, not just email and hope for a response.

there’s really nothing spectacularly fanciful about the mechanical workings of fixed gears

went into goldcross cyces today for the hell of it… saw a SE Lager on the repair pile, receipt price said 0.00 so it looks another one with problems while still under warranty. Sounds too shonky for me.
Also saw a FELT track bike that comes with a tool attatched to the seat tube!!! A handy little number for wheel theives who can’t be stuffed carrying their own tool. It was also ugly as all hell.

a mate of mine got a lager off the shelf
the back wheel goes to shit
their components are not worth the trouble
you will end up getting a new back wheel, saddle, bars and stem
just wait for a cheap frame to come up, you can build one up for way under the se price

get a charge… or build your own…

seems everyone has issues with the off the shelf stuff…
out of curiosity… does anyone know what the schwinn madidison’s are like?

There is not an off the shelf product in existence that caters for everyone and never will be. Look at milk, you cant go in “just buy a carton of milk” anymore.
If you are hanging out for one to come along at a rock bottom price you will be 50 before your ride one.
Pick what is closest to what you want and get it. Change what you don’t like when you can afford it or get tired of it.
Try and strike up a good relationship with your LBS, they will be your best source of advice and help when you need it.


What about a fuji track?
i’m geting one of those in the next few days…