Tall Miyata 1000


High end Miyatas are boss.

What’s the braze-on on the DS chainstay Blakey?
Spoke holder? Chain guide?

I’m bidding and then realised I normally ride a 56.
Could I still ride this?

Usually to protect the paint from chain slap. Looks like it’s done a pretty good job! Probably also protects the shifter cable that runs atop in this example.

Are your balls still valuable?

I’m serious however I am 42 and just about to have a daughter in 4 months, so no.

56 to 61 is a big jump. Once you’re up you’d probably be ok, but standover might prove troublesome.

Gold !!!

If it was a 59cm seat tube I’d say no probs. Do it the old school way with a fist full of post and bars level to saddle or a comfortable porteur or city bike to commute on. I’d say it’s worth getting a fitting done and being able to dial in a frame size, a lot depends on your core strength and flexibility.

Cool. I’m still in it to win it then.

Maybe you can just duct tape the saddle straight to the top tube.

And use one of these:

one better

And those pedals you posted for HLC.

yeah, i’m dredging the foul depths of the internet for bike pics

my favourite … so much win

Did you get it Aaron?

Yes I won it. I’m still trying to get it to another FOA member who would suit it better though.

Aaron was nice enough to pull out of the sale as it’s probably better suited to my 6’4" height.
It should be on it’s way to me soon
Now i just have to find some parts to build it up, thinking dual 'spoks would be the way to go :stuck_out_tongue:

If it doesn’t fit dafrog, it ain’t gonna fit anyone! Nice frame!