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To kick off instead of the old Tour-eve ‘positive’ we have ASO trying to block the Froome-dog from racing.

Should get some publicity if nothing else.

I was reading about this over breakfast. As well as an open question about whether or not he should be allowed to race. A lot of comments split down the middle, however, those in favour of his racing were decrying the fact he’s innocent until proven guilty. I take issue with that. He returned two positive samples and is guilty - he must now prove his innocence. So, I feel that he ought not race. Ideally, Sky would have sidelined him and done everything possible to resolve ASAP - not draw out.
Or, a provisional suspension to give Sky incentive to expedite the resolution (can’t have their biggest star riding pine )

And then he’s cleared right now? Gimme a break


ASO against UCI word, isnt it? Even though ASO “owns” le Tour, the UCI haven’t banned him. And seemingly won’t.

I look forward to the interview by Madame President Oprah Winfrey in 10 years time with Froome owning up to all this.

I already gave pretty much zero fucks about pro cycling, this has just given me the slightest teeny tiny nudge to give no fucks at all.

I see it as ASO kicking the ants’ nest and UCI getting their act together to take a decision. Would’ve been great to see the bot not racing, but I’ll focus my sensations elsewhere.

if you don’t think this was settled with a suitcase of money than i feel bad for you son.

just a coincidence that, after being told it wouldn’t be resolved for the Tour, its miraculously closed 24 hours after the Tour threaten to block him?

This has eliminated any possible sensations, bar Haus dog winning a stage.

Suspect it it was all pre-arranged between ASO/UCI/SKI as a way to get a decision before the race.
UCI probably said this was the only possible decision before the race
I won’t be surprised if WADA re-open it post-Tour

We need Brad to unleash his guilty conscience and bring down Froome with him. Would be glorious, 2012 will live forever!

^ a transfer to a Vanuatu bank seems more likely than the old suitcase.

proverbial suitcase fuuuuuu

basically the opposite of the suitcase of courage/sensations.

Maybe, if it’s the case the one looking real bad out of this is ASO. That they waited that long is incomprehensible, unless they thought it wouldnt be resolved in time.

I reckon I’d get secondary sensations from a Hausdog win, only cos Jamesy would be a pure ball of electric sensation that would be passed through the WWW to all of us.

would be the most supreme sporting moment behind only Tom Boyd’s goal from the centre square in 2016 granny to seal the flag and bring glory to the west.

see now you’ve lost me

Kinda makes me glad my Sky cap goes under my helmet where you can’t see it.

even the likes of you jonno could not be unmoved by that moment. just had to be there.