TdF 2016

Contador crashes, ridiculously fast finish & another crash about 20 riders back, quite the opener.


“windy enough to blow off ya beret”


Nice to see Cav get at least one stage and wear yellow. Probably get smashed by big bad Germans from here on.

Sensations troubling for bertie

Too much election coverage and not enough racing

The tour really crept up on me this year - I had no idea it started til last night’s stage had already begun.

I had assumed Cav was past his prime. He looked pretty good in that sprint last night though. I look forward to watching a few more drag races.

Who are the gc contenders this year? I have nfi.

Contador, Quintana, Froome, Aru (Nibali), Porte (Van Garderen?), Roland are probably the hitters.
Fortress Froome look insane but hoping Movistar attacks relentlessly

I liked Henk’s “it’s blowing a hooley!”

On the French side, I’m expecting more from Pinot and Bardet than Rolland. Rolland is good a staying hidden though.
Alaphillipe too could do some nice things.

I’d be happy about that.

i have an irrational hate for Cav.

I used to, but now he is the underdog and has had his time out of the spotlight I find him somewhat endearing.



So many wheels being changed? mass punctures? tack attack? Didn’t look like a crash.

crash at the 60km mark.

Contador x 2, Martin, Barguil, Vicioso, Matthews involved.

Rainbow Jersey curse? Not this time.

reezy is righty.

Porte must have broken a mirror while killing a black cat under a ladder. But losing 1:45 might mean that he will go on a crazy/brave early attack which could liven things up a bit.

Needs more toucans