TdF 2016

he even looks more euro now, strange.

Things looking good for bertie, just the kind of back against the wall scenario he thrives on. Porte playing to script as usual.

Kittel non-stem slammage. 8/10.

I’m still not wild about these but without that horrible stem/bar they normally come with they look so much better.

the venge is the worst bike ever made and in 15 years we’ll all look back and shake our heads sadly and wonder where it all went wrong.

[video]How To Pack For The Tour De France With Adam Hansen, 'Mr Grand Tours' - YouTube

Mad dog

Whoa! Smuglord of the peloton.

How to pack for anything.

I’m conflicted. Love him but that bag is terrible and I hate his shoes.

One big Gel tube to rule them all.

they’re not exactly in a rush today are they…

“I was thinking at one time that we’d stop for a coffee like in the old times but there wasn’t a bar.” - Sagan is winning the quotes for this tour so far IMO.

Well that was languid.

Sagan has a point about long transfer/sprinters stages. They’re essentially just a bunch ride with a sprint at the end, there’s absolutely no need for them to be 230km or whatever. They could seriously just be 50km, but then the viewers miss out on the spectacle of watching a breakaway get reeled in just-in-time.
I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch a sprint stage, they’re pretty boring.


The No.1 reason non-cyclists watch Le Tour

I am not a Sagan fan as such but I do think he is pretty awesome. This whole thing would be so boring without him, he knows how to ride a bike and his honesty is refreshing.

his voice (and contador’s) is awesome. You never see these guys speak, and when you do it’s bloody hilarious ha ha my wife was in stitches last night in the interview played before the cut to the live ‘action’

He has grown on me for reasons like you mentioned.

As has Coquard:
“I really believed in my chances. I could see I was making it back but it was not enough,” Coquard said of his sprint. “I’m very disappointed but I must not give up. There are still lots of chances left. There is no mistake in the sprints, the strongest rider wins. I was never as close to victory but I haven’t won yet. I’m young but I’m a winner. I have temperament and I want to win this year on the Tour.”

I admire the spirit. Having been too busy to be interested in the sport for a while, it’s nice to see someone with a good attitude in defeat.

Really come around to Sagan the past 2 years.
Seems to have matured a lot and maintained his sense of fun.
Taking a leadership role in the peleton and honoring the rainbow bands.
Always admired his power and talent, now I find I can admire the person as well.
Conversely, can’t stand Simon Gerrans. Never seems to be a leader. Always seems to be someone else at fault/problem/issue. Also, compared to his team mates, devoid of charisma or charm (how can you not like Turbo, Chaves, Caleb etc??).

turbo has all the character of a wet lettuce leaf. good rider but.