This needs its own thread I think.

News this morning that Vino has raised the middle finger to the MPCC is not good for the sport.

Cycling really needs a rider with an unblemished record from a credible team to stand on the podium at the end of the month. The Giro was not a great outcome.

I’m picking Froome or Nibali. As much as I like the latter I’d get absolutely no joy from anyone from Astana in the top three.

Gabriel Gate is back, cheesier than ever.

That quiche did look amazing though

Agreed, my gf and I consumed some serious cheese this evening. It was glorious. I love tastes of le tour.

well that Alpecin caffeine shampoo ad has been the highlight for me so far. haha

Wtf is caffeine shampoo?

Great ride by Dennis. I was expecting Porte to be a bit quicker.

I dunno.

Doping for your hair, yes that really is their tagline.

You have to be desperate to swim in those canals. It must be hot.

Giant really is the new insert heritage Italian brand here

I was wrong. It’s not a great ride by Dennis. It’s a sensational ride.

Fastest average ever for an ITT in the TDF.

Denis was amazing. That’s a pretty cool start to the tour. And good to get the stage I enjoy the least out of the way early.

His folks run the cafe in the courts at vic square. Had a chat with his dad friday about his chances. Looking forward to getting the recap on monday.

Anyone else trying to watch on on-demand having no audio playing?? Any fixes? :frowning:

Couldnt get sound either

Seems fine to me, just watched that Richie Porte doco/tourism tasmania advert on my ps3 and I didn’t have any issues

Just finished watching last nights stage…
Does anyone else think Henk & Mike were on something? They were… a bit special last night.

Few things better than watching Quick Step rip a race open in a crosswind.